Friday, 20 June 2008

MapleSEA Patch Version 0.58

Freshly-baked MapleSEA patch version 0.58 just out from the oven! Introducing the new desert town Ariant and a new Singapore boss Krexel, who's a friend of Captain Latanica.

Without further ado, I went to fight the boss with a couple of pros. Basically Krexel does at most 1k+ - 2k+ magic damage, it's only when u touched the eye which does 5k+ damage. But don't worry, the map has plenty of space to stand.

Mages are not recommended to go there, due to the boss having high magic resistance (resulted in your damage reducing to 1 against it). It has huge amount of HP as well, so it's best to have Warriors and Archers.

Krexel uses this Genesis-like skill, but it's pretty easy to avoid. However for the stem-like skill, almost 100% you would eat the damage (unless the skill misses you).

Regarding the drops, it wasn't really good. I saw a key, a Pinaka, Infinity Skill Book Level 20, Power Elixers and bags of gold. As far as I know not every Krexel will drop all this stuff, sometimes might be even lesser.

How fast you kill Krexel depends on your whole party's damage and the skills needed to improve overall party's damage (eg. Sharp Eye). One more thing to take note is that one particular Krexel map can easily be entered even though it has been summoned, therefore Krexel is free-for-all...


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