Tuesday, 1 July 2008

O Level Chinese Oral Exam

"Nowadays, why so many students went to Polytechnic and not Junior College instead?" (为何现今学生选择去理工学院而不是初级学院?) That's my topic for today. Quite simple right? You may think it's a piece of cake, but think again, is it that easy to brainstorm the answers when there are 2 pair of eyes looking straight at you? My "slow-thinking" brain made it worse, chances that I sort my answers in a proper manner were kinda slim...

And so the invigilators asked about my view. At first I started to talk human-like, but it seems like that didn't last very long.

Just one minute after speaking my views, I'm stuck. I kept mum and began brainstorming. There's one problem, I was looking at the male invigilator and he staring at me with no expression! How awkward!

The ordeal lasted 6 minutes and I'm out of the game. I'm not really sure how well I did, but the male invigilator asked me 2 questions and I answered pretty short and simple.

As I was the second person to take the examination, and thus released earlier than the others but was told to stay probation until 3pm. In the meantime I chatted with Carol the first person, and I realised I missed one very important point that might be able to turn the tide...

During my D&T Intensive, I was busy asking those who have finished the oral "How many questions did the invigilators asked you?" instead of putting my mind into doing my product.

Shocked and worried, all I get was "one question". But I was asked two instead?!? Does it mean that my contents were insufficient? ;(


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