Thursday, 5 June 2008

World Book Fair 2008

The long-awaited World Book Fair is here!

Upon reaching City Hall, I felt like a mouse in a castle. Skyscrapers towering over me, getting lost seems easy...

As the Fair was held at the Convention Center, finding it was a challenge to me. I've vague memories of that place.

Empty chairs in the Fair...

Real-life-looking leopard and tiger props.

The World Book Fair was a grand one, full of books of course, and I can't seem to finish browsing every booth!

How can I go home empty-handed while at a book fair? So eventually I brought some loots back - 3 Archie comics and 2 Chinese novels! :)

At Suntec City, there's a famous man-made fountain called the Fountain of Wealth. As its name stated, it's a fountain that's believed to bring wealth and luck to people who walk one round in the middle spot and at the same time, touches the water as well.

As the clock ticks to 6pm, I knew I got to head back home.

My mode of transport - MRT. Seriously, there seems like thousands of people in the station, I couldn't even find a place to stand properly!

I don't know whether my eyes were deceiving me or not, the muscle-man from the Mocca advertisement stood right beside me! He's like a replica from the commercial. He's well-built with broad shoulders and arms, I'm quite sure he's the Mocca guy. *lol*

City Hall is a good place to explore and sight-see fascinating buildings, most probably I'll visit again! ;)


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