Monday, 21 July 2008

Ice And Water

I almost forget there's a game called Ice and Water.

The last time I played this game was back in Primary School, and didn't had much impression.

I always love to play chasing games in big places like the school, where you can have fun with your friends and sweating along the way. One of the perks is you never know what you're going to find during your hiding time.

Today in school was kinda different. As it was raining heavily, so a group of us stayed and started playing Ice and Water. I finished 2 rounds and was sweating all over.

Ice and Water is a game when the more people play, the more exciting it is.

During the first round, I was jammed by MH and Jovi. It's all because I wanted to save my friends but instead I offered myself to them (they were 'Ice'). I remembered during the second round, I'm the 'Water' and thus have to run and hide. I immediately ran to the outside of the PA system room and stand behind the wall.

I'm quite sure no one will notice that place because it's quite deserted. I waited for quite some time and nobody come at all, so I turned my attention to my handphone. During that period of time, I saw MH and IV got caught. No comments...

At long last an 'Ice' came beside me, then I act as if he's transparent and continued with my phone. Probably he thought I was "frozen" as I stood there like a stuck pig, because he didn't "freeze" me but walked away. *phew* Stay calm and everything will be fine. :)

But damn, Joshua saw me! I can no longer stay there so I head over to the Art Room's staircase and ran down to the almost 1st floor, and sat there panting. Escaped once again, I'm kinda rejoice with my escaping skills.

In the end the 'Ice' won 2 rounds, and of course the 'Water' lost the game because there isn't any time limit!



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