Monday, 28 July 2008

1st Photo Featured

Something unexpected happened. The photo that I took at while on a trip to World Book Fair was featured in today's Straits Times IN Section!

That's my name! ^^

I'm quite surprised to be honest, because the photo was sent weeks ago so I didn't really look forward in getting chosen.

Upon hearing the news and spread across the entire class, questions like "Any prize? Any prize?" from my classmates started to form around me. I was dazed and slightly embarrassed as I don't know how to answer them...

Even if there is, the prize wasn't the reason why I sent in my entry. It's just a matter of interest and curiosity.

I took the IN section back home and looked at the photo, something seems to be lacking in it. The title I put was "Fountain Of Wealth", and as you know a fountain should have streams water pouring down! Yes that's the problem.

Looks like I still have a lot more to learn.


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