Thursday, 31 July 2008

My D&T Product

My product, or rather junk, was completed finally.

I took real long to fabricate this piece junk, it's simple and yet I spent like months to finish it. This product has tons of flaws which I just can't be bothered to improve on it anymore, because I've given up hope in getting good grades from it. I'll just focus more on my Journal and Presentation Board.

This was part of my product in the first place. But after my teacher "brainwashed" me, I changed the outlook and the function of it. Anyway it looks kinda shit to me also.

TA-DA! The "improved" version. Honestly it's much better than the previous one but sadly, it still falls under my shit category. This is Combination Part Number 1.

I love wood. It's much more convenient to use as compared to acrylic. Do you know that I bend that acrylic strip for umpteen times and yet still fail? I keep bending till I really flared up so I used back the original one (it's damaged but I don't care anymore). This is Combination Part Number 2.

Hey wait wait, don't be mistaken please. This mug wasn't made by me. Don't ask me where I got it because I'm going to send this for my O level D&T, and I might not get it back (so basically this is the last photo of it, thus very very precious). Never mind, take it as a sacrifice in exchange for my pathetic marks. This is Combination Part Number 3.

When the 3 Combination Parts come together, they formed a nicely done junk. How it works? It's a mug holder with a cookie/sweets dome-shaped container, which easily adds extra burden to the user. Great idea I came up with.

You know where this is? In the "School Of Choice" of course. My junk is so well kept and protected in this room with its two "hard-steel walls", nobody can break in and steal my product!

But then...who wanna steal it anyway?



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