Monday, 14 July 2008


Recently, my form teacher informed us about writing our own testimonial.

Just like any other testimonial in the past, it's a certificate written by teachers according to our achievements, CCA, CIP and so on. A student with lots of achievements, of course, will have a long list in his testimonial.

But what if he doesn't? Thanks to this system, I realised I should've participated more school events in the past. But I couldn't change any facts now.

My records? Detentions more than 20, done in-house suspension and the norm - skipping CCA.

It sucks, really. I feel that my future in Singapore will be bound by this pest. You know why is it called pest? Pest can't go extinct and it's basically everywhere. Worse, it follows you.

I managed to squeeze out a few for my testimonial. If without the Sports Day category, my achievements will not even reached half an A4-size paper. Many of my friends had participate some CIP programmes in which I don't, and that's where I lose out. Perhaps they participate for the sake of the points? Or are they really interested in it? What I want to bring across is that this whole CIP programmes had already lost the values in it. Shouldn't you be interested in the first place before participating?

But there's definitely no harm in doing it, so why not? Hopefully for the part whereby my teacher will be writing about my attitude towards learning can recover my losses. Just to tell you, the teacher's level of understanding towards their students is extremely vital for this part.

Although "School Of Choice" is our "second" home, but in actual fact it only fits certain residents. Teachers are humans as well, so they're likely to have their own way of favoritism towards a "special" group of students apart from the rest. This cycle is continuous, it never stops. Under such circumstances, can we still say our teachers really understand us? It's even worse now that my Sec 1 and Sec 2 form teachers had left "School Of Choice".

Everything just seems so fake.



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