Friday, 22 August 2008

A Race Against Time

I skipped school once again. I only left with one choice, which is to use as much time as possible to complete my D&T.

Yes today 5pm is the deadline, and I'm freaked out. Yesterday I tried my best to touch up, and at around 1am+ then I went to my cosy bed. Why would you torture yourself when a bed is just right beside you?

At 6am my Mom woke me up and asked me whether I want to go school or not. Of course, NOT!

I'm pretty motivated, I've never been so panic and busy in my life before! So I keep drawing, writing and printing. Anything that's related to D&T, I'm doing it.

When 5pm is getting nearer, my Journal was only 3/4 done. The Presentation Board? As black as it was before (meaning nothing is there). But what can I do? Waiting to fail? To be honest I'm having that thought every minutes every seconds.

Messing with time had terrible consequences, way too serious. I estimated my folio to be done by 4.30pm, but that wasn't the case. I realised one thing - something that seems far away wasn't so far after all, something that looks near seems further away.

I'm prepared to fail. At 4.30pm I brought everything to "School Of Choice", while along the way I'm trying to be optimistic and predicting that the deadline wasn't today.

In the end I wasted my time there, facing my D&T teacher who was apparently having a "black face". But I'm not affected at all, I've got nothing to lose anyway. I had fun in the classroom until 6pm+ when the music 'Victory' was broadcasted, reminding us it's time to leave school and go home. :)

Although my prediction was right, but in the end, I lost the race against time.


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