Friday, 15 August 2008

O Level English Oral

Without me realising, O Level English Oral begins.

Just how frightening was it? Those who were notified to take their Oral exam today are told to wait in the AVA Room. Well, I'm one of them. I stepped into the room, the cool air-con breeze surprisingly lessen my nervousness.

This is weird, everyone seems to be very calm and enthusiastic about Oral. Or are they just faking? Whatever, there isn't any time for me to care about the others.

I'm queued to be the fourth one. As the first person's name was being called out, I couldn't stop shaking.

The English Oral exam has officially started.

During the waiting time, Joshua probably want to change the atmosphere in the room so he acted like IV and was definitely one of my favorites. All the laughing and jokes saved my life.

One by one as they went out, the humans in the room are reducing by 2 every 10 minutes. Finally, it's my turn.

The passage looks alright. However for the picture, it's complicated. It depicts a disabled guy sitting on a wheelchair, beside him was a couple of people who seems to be volunteers. I felt like going home straightaway...

And so my 10 minutes of preparation were up, I headed straight to another room where the two invigilators are. Both of them are female.

"Once you are ready, you may begin." Commanded one of them. My tension was rising, I hope the table wasn't shaking. For the just-look-and-read passage it was marvelously done (I think so).

Next was the most hated Picture Discussion. Blabbering was the only word that I could think of to describe how I fared during this segment. Probably this is fate.

Finally the last segment, Conversation. All the practices and revision with Mrs. Tan all came in vain, maybe about 1/5 of it were used. There's no helping it, the tension easily took over my brainstorming. Even so, I've been able to talk to the invigilator like a friend. But it happened at the last 5 minutes! What a waste. ;(

After a polite replied thanks, I walked out of the room, with despair...


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