Friday, 8 August 2008

Singapore Press Holdings

What a memorable day, the 8th day of the 8th month in the year 08. Anyway, I've received the notification letter from the Singapore Press Holdings regarding my prize collection.

Previously my Fountain of Wealth photo was featured in the Straits Times, thus I'll be getting a small gift from SPH. Proudly it's my first time there!

SPH wasn't far from Braddell MRT station, 10 minutes walking time at most. But the moment I reached there, I couldn't enter the premise because only the staffs could. At that point of time I thought to myself, "How to go in ah?"

I tried my luck at first, but failed. Having no intention to waste anymore time, I asked the security guard where the hell is the entrance I'm looking for. Very kindly he told me the direction. :)

Reached, I simply hand the letter over to the reception lady and she helped me. Then I took a seat in the lobby, waiting for the arrival of my prize!

I'm a Kinesthetic learner, therefore I couldn't sit still. The 3 paintings right at the back of the lobby caught my attention, probably I don't really know how to admire it so I'm not fascinated or what. Honestly speaking, it looks like a normal painting to me.

Then one of the staffs came down with a list of names (obviously the other winners as well), took me quite a while to search for my name. I signed beside my name and here comes my prize!

On my way back, I saw the famous Singapore Yellow Pages.

Exclusive SPH bag! ^^


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