Tuesday, 12 August 2008

O Level Chinese Result

Right after Physics lesson, everyone rushed down to the Chemistry lab. Of course, I'm one of them. O Level Chinese results were finally released! I've waited a long time. Without a doubt, I searched for my name. I was really anxious, my result was just right in front of me!

Some of my friends were already cheering for their result, which makes my heart beat even faster. And the moment is here - I saw my name and immediately scanned it. First I saw a few numbers, which I didn't really care at all, beside them was a (1)(M). Shocked, and of course joy. I can't believe I got an A1! It was so much better than I expected! ^^

Way back in May, I attended 2 weeks of Mother Tongue intensive and have done loads of papers. I completed the actual exam in the same month, and now in August the results were out. I asked my teacher about my Composition because the way I wrote seems wrong, and she agrees with the mistake I made. I was rather disappointed with myself. In addition, my Chinese Oral demoralised me even more.

But I'm glad that now it's over, my hard work paid off. This sense of achievement really gave me a great boost to my confidence, and that I still stand a chance in performing well for my other subjects. Well, at least, for now.


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