Saturday, 30 May 2009

Get Chinesed At Chinatown!

Hehe I'm back from SPP Club event! The location for this event was Chinatown. I had a lot of fun there, the seniors especially, they're certainly a group of friendly peers to hangout with!

Piping hot weather + red qipao = Extreme heat!

Front view of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It's an amazing structure!

We decided to loiter around this area and take some photos. As I was having fun snapping with the camera, I got a feeling that people are thinking we're some kinda tourists from somewhere...Haha!

Richard took a snapshot of me while I was meddling with his DSLR! My expression was like...looking at some R-rated photos...

Some photos taken around Sri Mariammam Temple.

Group photos at the end, this event was a successful one! I'm looking forward to the next one! :)

Sunday, 24 May 2009

SPC FO Camp, My First Camp In SP

For the past 2 days, I was having a SPC FO (SP Cyclists Freshmen Orientation) camp in SP.

I won't say it was very fun, but pretty okay in a sense. One of the seniors told me that it was their first time ever to organise this camp, so there's still room for improvement. Haha!

Just like any other camps, we played icebreaking for a start. Seriously I struggled throughout the whole process! For loner like me this is just pure nightmare. :(

But nonetheless I still made a few new friends. One of them is called Yi Win and she's from Myanmar! Also, she's my partner for the nightwalk.

Speaking about the nightwalk, it was frigging scary (I think I'm the only guy who got frightened). Here goes, it was 1.30am and both of us had to walk the route the seniors have shown us on the map. We have to walk across the building whereby the corridor was so narrow and dark, I can't even see my shoes! Along the corridors there were too many spots for the "ghosts" to hide, so we tried to walk as carefully as possible to avoid being scared.

Eventually we failed. We reached the checkpoint and a senior already stood there waiting, so I thought everything will be fine. But it turns out to be a trap! I walked a little faster towards him, neglecting the corner, then the "ghosts" popped out! @#$%! I got scared for the second time when Yi Win screamed at the top of her voice! Haha!

By the end of the nightwalk it was 2.30am, guess no one got anymore energy to play...

Next day we played quite a number of teamwork games.

One of them was really disgusting but also the most interesting one. They add fish balls, grapes, and raisins to a container, then filled it up with flour. The rules is everybody have to take turns to use their mouth and retrieve any of the items within a time limit. The fun thing is, your mouth and some area of your face will definitely come in contact with the flour! Of course, the team with the most items win.

However, that was only the beginning. The last epic food item that joined the rest was a RAW EGG. Goodness grief! I tasted the flour with the freaking raw egg yolk inside my mouth, the taste was so horrible that I immediately feel like puking on the spot!

Seriously, this is one "good taste" that I'll never forget.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009





Thursday, 7 May 2009

Time For A Change In Life

As far as I know, CCA has always been a thorn in my life.

But after walking around SP CCA Showcase, I joined 2 CCAs without any hesitation. Seriously, I'm pretty shocked about my decision.

In the past, I hate the hell out of CCA. I've difficulties in attending my CCA regularly even though I only have one, not to even mention two. But I believe people do change, so do I.

My only goal in choosing 2 CCAs is to achieve a balance in both leisure and sports. Yeah I think for now, that's the only reason.

I don't wanna be a person with no achievements in life, and since I've done pretty badly in my "School Of Choice" CCA, I shall recoup those losses in Poly.

I believe I can do it.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

The 5ive At Pungent Wood

*Disclaimer : This super duper lame story is just purely a joke. None of the content is real, it's exaggerating and unrealistic, I hope you don't take it too seriously. Lastly, don't mind my terrible English and thanks for reading! :)

This story took place on Earth, whereby the world population is currently facing a destructive phenomenon. The people were struggling, in a way that they will never ever forget this cruel experience.

Their pain, their sufferings, all started because of one person called Nemesis. Nemesis the boss, the most daisai guy ever existed on Earth, the 8th Wonder of the World, was once deemed undefeated by the human race.

Until now, a squad of young talented teenagers, which the world population relies their hope on, had begun fighting back.

Inside the squad consists of 5 talented teenagers. Each one of them possess one ability that's vital to the defeat of Nemesis.

Ang Ku Kueh - The leader of the squad, possess the ability to make ang ku kueh out of thin air.

Pierre - The vice-leader of the squad, possess the ability to manipulate one's age.

NoFatsPls - The only chick inside the squad with the best figure, possess the ability to make one lose fats as easy as counting 1 2 3.

Fuerfei - The protector of the squad, possess the ability to create a shield to cover the whole squad that not even a particle or molecules can break in.

Mrchoy - The only one in the squad who sell matchstick, possess the ability that when he light a matchstick, he's able to make a wish come true.

And so, the last epic showdown between Nemesis and the squad took place at Pungent Wood in the year 4444 April 04. What lies inside were restless souls that died from extreme pungent due to their weak will (or maybe weak nose as well?). Of course, the squad wasn't affected which causes Nemesis to become nastier every second.

Ang Ku Kueh decided to end this battle quick before Nemesis get too strong. Being the first to strike, he immediately make tons of ang ku kueh out of thin air and place it in front of Nemesis. Nemesis has too many weaknesses...greediness is one of them. Without any further ado, Nemesis gobbled up the ang ku kueh as if he has never been eaten for days! Although his first priority was to exterminate the whole squad, but well he just can't resist the ang ku kueh.

In front of them lies a good opportunity (Nemesis was way too busy with his food), Pierre quickly uses his ability and increased Nemesis's age to thousands of years old, causing Nemesis to become so old and weak, weaker than a baby. Nemesis vomited out all the ang ku kueh, because his weak stomach couldn't digest it all.

Nemesis was furious, he released a lethal toxin gas smelling worse than methane. At this point of time, Fuerfei created a shield and covered the whole squad. Obviously, Nemesis's skill turns out to be bullshit.

This battle is dragging too long, so long that NoFatsPls is getting really pissed off. "Oi Mrchoy, can't you just light a matchstick and wished him gone forever?! This place is making me puke!"

"Relax...that will only kills all the fun." On the other hand, Nemesis current situation is pretty bad now, his skill is bullshit to the squad. But he didn't want to lose, at least not falling under the hands of those kids. He left with no choice but to use his homemade self-destruct, a skill so destructive that the user will be cursed forever, becoming a living dead with no soul of his own, no memories, NOTHING.

"10...9...8..." The exploding time started ticking! Meanwhile, Mrchoy took out his matchbox and light up a matchstick, with a grin on his face, he said "I wish...I wish...I wish Nemesis didn't explode!" As a result, Nemesis didn't explode and remain as weak as a baby, became a soulless living dead with an extremely low IQ.

You know what's Nemesis arch enemy? Fragrance! In the end, Nemesis suffered worse than death when Mrchoy start making his last fragrant wish...


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