Tuesday, 9 June 2009

D'Kranji Farm Resort

First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to my aunt for organising this awesome trip!

D'Kranji Farm Resort certainly suits people like me, a quiet and isolated place located in an ulu area far away from the town.

Jurassic Park? Or Blood Harvest from Left 4 Dead?

Although some of the facilities are not ready yet (because they just opened last year November), but the quiet ambience from the nature instantly made me feel relaxed.

Brotherly love, together as one.

Muahahahaha! Behold the King!

In the meantime while we're waiting for the rooms to be ready, me and my brother decided to behave childishly...

My dad drove his motorbike to the resort. Me fooling around again~

As radiant as ever, sunflower!

Mimosa with morning dew!

Part of a banana tree.

According to D'Kranji Farm Resort, they're the the first Agri-tainment Centre in Singapore, so naturally there are loads of flowers and agriculture being cultivated there!

Trespasser housefly!

Well, not forgetting those small millipedes or centipedes or whatever it's called out there! It was freakish with those creepy long body and countless "legs", they crawled inside the bathroom and up the wall! For this particular reason, I don't feel like bathing at that time! Yeah, part of nature. :) (In the end I still bath, no choice...)

Woman mafia. Haha just joking!

My mom and my cousin Owen! I believe this is a picture that speaks a thousand words.

Family photo at the end! It's a must.

We live in the present, but never forget the past. Even for past dweller like me, I've to keep moving forward...


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