SPP FO Camp, Best Camp Ever!

SPP FO (SP Photography Freshmen Orientation) camp is one of the best camping experiences I ever had! My group's banner - Sirius Black! To...

SPP FO Camp, Best Camp Ever!

SPP FO (SP Photography Freshmen Orientation) camp is one of the best camping experiences I ever had!

My group's banner - Sirius Black!

To be exact, it was my second camp in SP! About hundred or so SPPers joined the camp, it was more like an army and not a club. Haha!

A 3D2N camp, for the first day as usual it's ICEBREAKING. Yeah, I loathe this particular segment but the sad thing is its a must in any freshmen camps! At first I was thinking, hundred of people playing icebreaking together? That's totally madness and embarrassing! But luckily, the icebreaking was played within 2 groups by 2 groups.

And so the first icebreaking game we played was to remember the names of each and everyone of us, it's insanely crazy to say out their names one by one when 20 pairs of eyes were looking at me...

After we get to know each other better through all the icebreaking games, every groups have to decide on their group name through the theme 'Wanted'. My group decided on Sirius Black! Pretty cool uh? After that, we went straight to our dormitories (in fact it's classrooms).

The amazing thing was, there's no girl or boy dormitories! Which simply means, boys and girls sleep together in a room. *LOL*

Fine...fine...the camp leaders told us to virtually divide the room into half, so same gender will sleep on one side. It's safe don't worry...

After slacking around in the dorm, it's time to watch movie! The movie was 'Taken', very nice indeed! Every minute during the process of a father finding his daughter was so breathtaking and intense! The movie ended with claps from everyone! :)

Then we went for nightwalk. My partner was Amni. :) Due to a massive amount of campers, we spent more than an hour sitting down there waiting for our turn.

Anyway, the nightwalk was frigging scary! Especially the U-shaped toilet, one of the leaders was the scarer for that stage and I got scared! Damn it! This nightwalk was a particularly long one, me and Amni ventured through dark corridors, never-been-there stretches of rooms and that pathway full of club rooms which were so frigging scary without lights on.

By the time we realised, it's already 4am.

The next day we played Amazing Race, it's seriously fun! Some games that I've never played before I find it so creative and unique. :) For every stage we complete, macaronis were issued to us as the chips for the upcoming 'Auction House'.

Speaking about the 'Auction House', it's full of hoaxes and tricks. Haha! The auctioning items were placed inside a styrofoam box, the main idea was to test whether we're daring enough to bid the unknown items. Guess what? The auction items were tidbits and...POOSIANG'S LEG HAIR! (PooSiang is SPP president) Goodness grief! Congrats to the group that successfully bid the leg hair...

What do we have for the last night? DISCO NIGHT! Can you believe that? A disco in camp! These are real DJs from SP DJ club! For my entire life I've never been to any clubs, this time round I get to experience it beforehand. :)

Not to mention I danced stupidly. XD

A series of interesting events had come to an end, thanks SPP for this wonderful camp! ^^

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