Friday, 19 June 2009

Miss The Old Times Of MapleStory

Just wanna share some of the screenshots I took from MapleStory recently.

Old Aqua Road vs New Login Page.

Don't be mistaken, I'm not a 'Maple freak' anymore. I login for the sake of completing my ButsyBo0m goal of 30000 fames (which is still far from target) and to also get some free in-game items...

Taurospear (ButsyBo0m) climbing up the ladder!

Taurospear (ButsyBo0m) a bully...

Taurospear (ButsyBo0m) charge!

Taurospear (ButsyBo0m) begging for mercy...

MapleSEA has changed so much. A lot. There were numerous new maps released, more weapons and stuff and countless high level maplers of course. Everywhere was flooded with level 15x and above maplers! In the past, getting to this level was so damn hard that it seems unreachable! But nonetheless, it's a great achievement! Now? Haiz...if you got enough cash to buy those 2x exp cards + the game itself has its own free exp event, I don't see any problem in reaching that high level.

Madness! GM's WA 22 BWG!

*LOL* GM's Horntail Necklace!

Seriously, I prefer the 'old' MapleSEA. I just couldn't stop playing during that time, a true Maple freak. Every weekend I wake up early 5am+ in the morning just to book a Coolie map to train, then chiong until evening!

During June holidays was even worse. Everyday I trained with my fixed party at either Sotong map or Anego Bain map for hours. I don't grow tired or sick of it, but instead I blamed the time for "flying away" too fast. Haha, I simply love those times when MapleSEA was so simple and cute, not complicated at all.

Everyone has a thinking cap, but obviously his one is a thinking bulb!

Holding his own light bulb...

Nowadays when my brother asked me to train, I replied 'no' without any hesitation. To be honest, I felt that there's too many new stuff, too much makeover, which make this game sway further and further away from its 'beginning'...

Exchange a Gold Maple Leaf and you will get...

a Under the Maple Tree Chair!

Love this awesome chair, called the Warrior Throne. :)

Me equipped with all the Maple equipments.

Maybe that's just me, others might not feel the same way as I do.


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