Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Once Again, Another Terrible Experience

I finally had a taste of a prosumer camera, it's brilliant! It depicted the sky with such clear clarity that wows me!

Melissa, Zara, Xu Qiang, Zhen Qi, Nilesh, Me, Wei Qin, Malcom, Joshua and Jacob.

I get the chance to play with it, all thanks to the CIP work (Our Nation Our World) that we're working on. The CIP location was at West Coast Park. Our task - Play games / have fun with the children from a particular organisation.

At first I'm pretty nervous about this, I've a problem when it comes to interacting with strangers. So the moment Joshua said that I've to handle one group, I immediately break out in a cold sweat! One thing for sure is that I couldn't speak up in front of so many strangers!

Oh well, there was never a choice for me to choose. So I walked towards them, and introduce myself first. Only a few replied me, the others were busy with their cheers. I think that's fine and normal until when I asked them to introduce themselves, they completely ignore me! Worse of all, not trying to be racist here, all the children were non-Chinese! They just continue with their discussion in their own language and I just stood there like an idiot! I'm the odd one out, I don't understand what the hell they're talking about. I tried to mingle with them by going along with their cheers, and honestly speaking I think I'm just an 'extra'.

Anyway, after they presented their cheers to the adults, my job is 99% done! As the age of the children ranges from 7 to 13 years old (I guessed), the games that Joshua introduced to them seems like they have played before. They gave comments like 'boring', 'play before already', 'huh?', 'can don't play?'. WTF? How the hell we carry out our CIP when the children aren't cooperative?

Finally the adults knew we couldn't handle them, so they told the children firmly on what game to play. And yes, they listened and proceed to their respective groups. What a joke.

My last 1% task - Stand on a spot (stupidly) and act as a pole indicating to the children that this is the ending point for them to dribble their ball. THAT'S IT EVERYONE! MY CIP IS DONE! ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL? I don't even need to lead any of the children in my so-called "group"!

Right after that we proceed to the playground. The children were having so much fun as compared to the games we played previously, it was like they were waiting for this moment for a very long time! In fact, we still need to play with the children in the playground, but it turns out that we're the ones that are having fun. Haha!

Singapore Polytechnic DMA/FT/1A/03!

Let me tell you something before I end this post. I met a kid who tries to low-blow and attack me! I'm glad he's willing to "interact" with me, but low-blowing seems a little not-for-kids stuff isn't it? Seriously I've to admit that children these days aren't as simple as you think. No wonder they aren't interested in 'Simon Says' anymore.


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