Thursday, 6 August 2009

DMA/FT/1A/03 Yakult Trip

I guess this is our first trip as a class?

Our first precious class photo of the year!

I totally forgot that there's a tour today, hence I'm wearing sandal, but the attire required for the visit is a shoe! Being the odd one out, I start to panic. Luckily, thanks to my savior Zhen Qi, he brought an extra shoe! But another problem arises...the size of the shoe is way too small for my foot to fit in! After all the tugging here and there, I managed to squeeze my whole foot in, bearing the pain as I walked all the way to the bus.

Back to the topic, the destination that we're heading is Yakult factory. I've never been there before, but I heard it's quite near my house.

Upon reaching we were being led to a room, standing in front of us was the speaker. At first I thought he's one of those not-so-important-person-in-charge, but he's actually one of the researchers! Seriously, we can't judge a book by its cover.

He treated us a bottle of original flavour Yakult. It's been more than a year since I last drink it, because everyday I drink Yakult's arch enemy - Vitagen. Yakult is a little sour but rather pleasant to my tongue whereas Vitagen is sweeter. Both are nice, I totally love them!

We were introduced more about Yakult's production in Singapore, the famous strain Shirota created by Minoru Shirota. Videos such as how the good bacteria (Yakult) kills the harmful bacteria (germs) were shown to us.

Out of so many countries that Yakult is distributing worldwide, Singapore's Yakult is one of the biggest! It comes in 100ml bottles as compared to Japan local 80ml bottles. They also comes with straws, which made things even more convenient! Singapore is also one of the few countries that produced and sell all sorts of flavours, whereas some countries only comes with original flavour.

The production of Yakult was quite interesting. Seeing those cute little bottles being moved around automatically, from filling up to packaging, everything was done by machines!

If you ask me which flavour I favor the most, I'm definitely going for original! :)



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