Happy 44th Birthday Singapore!

The last time I celebrated and took part in the National Day Parade (NDP) with my family was like 12 years ago. Almost everyone wore red col...

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore!

The last time I celebrated and took part in the National Day Parade (NDP) with my family was like 12 years ago. Almost everyone wore red colored shirts (Singapore's national flag is in red and white), waving a mini flag as the performance begins!

Nowadays, it's almost impossible for my whole family to go all the way to Marina Bay just to watch the celebrations and performances. I don't know why, that kind of feeling back then seems no longer there...

This year NDP especially, for the first time ever I went with BF Angeline! ^_^

Art pieces were displayed along the pathway that leads to the Esplanade.

Esplanade and Singapore Flyer.

Reached City Hall and both of us decided to use the time and take some photos around Marina Bay. Indeed, the blazing hot sun was hot enough start a barbecue party, but I guess that doesn't stop us from taking pictures!

Bibi Angel! *LOL*

We saw this cute Courtesy Lion with a mini tattoo of our Singapore flag, how can we miss taking a photo with it? Haha!

BF knows how to pose. XD

Trust me, she's sitting on a surface that has been entirely barbecued by the hot sun!

The crowds were amazing! Ranging from tourists and of course our fellow Singaporeans, all come together to celebrate this great once-a-year important event! :)

Finally, we couldn't take the heat. But as we're about to head into the Esplanade, the crowd by the bay area started cheering and getting excited. Our curiosity fire ignited, and guess what? It was a boat chase sequence jointly executed by Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) from the RSN and PK Interceptor Craft from the Police Coast Guard around the bay area!

The outstanding SAF helps to protect our country! :)

Almost like an action movie brought to life!

Marina Bay Sands, under construction, is one of the 2 Integrated Resort (the other one is Resorts World Sentosa) in Singapore!

I love the soup!

After a series of thrilling performances, we went for lunch at Ichiban Boshi. We both ordered Half-Udon, because it's one of the cheapest in the menu... *LOL*

Next was around 4pm+, BF suggested that we find a good spot now and "camp" there for the fireworks tonight! I'm grateful that she made the right decision, because almost all the good spots were taken and people are "camping" with their utmost effort, even under the hot sun. At last, there's one not-so-big spot that nicely fit both of us in! Haha!

Saw a few birds flying past, and the shot turns out to be pretty good!

The view was great! And that simply means we gonna witness the best view of the fireworks! The hot sun seems to become warm instead, and with the help of the breeze by the Singapore River, it feels great.

The Singapore Flyer is within my reach! Muahahaha!

We made use of the ample time and took some shots of the scenery, which is just right in front of us.

A huge audience that formed a whole red scene!

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore! :)

At 6.30pm, NDP started! Parachutes, thrilling stunts by the Armed Forces in the Total Defence Display and the newly added floating Presidential Gun Salute!

At night, the view was splendid!

A very explosive red flare!

Doesn't it look like lasers shooting towards all directions?

Oh my...look at those smoke! :(

And at last, the long-awaited moment has arrived! For the first time ever, heart-shaped fireworks were used, but it's a pity that I failed to record it down. Anyway, the last showering of golden fireworks beautifully lighted up Singapore night sky in an instant!

Hopefully, I'll be able to take part in next year NDP as well! :)

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