Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Everything seems to be changing every now and then.

What we see and feel might not be the same anymore, a cruel reality that we have to face it someday.

Only the sky remains intact and unchanged. It's so close, yet so far away, forever unreachable...

Monday, 28 September 2009

Calming Remedy

Happiness actually can be this simple.

A distinct blue sky, accompanied by occasional breeze.

Have you tried doing the same thing too? If I'm feeling troubled and vexed, I will look at the sky and somehow that eases my pain, pain from all the miseries and unhappiness. The breathtaking sky calms me down and provides me with a great deal of inspirations, thoughts and feelings.

Why is life full of sadness?

From time to time, I tried to find an answer to why people changed? My friends are all moving on, but why am I still dwelling in the past? Is this what my life's all about?

Friday, 25 September 2009





Wednesday, 23 September 2009

SP 1A Semester Exam Results

It's another once a year event.

A moment of truth that instantly determines who are the outstanding ones. I've gotten mine, no A but Bs, C and D. :(

Electrical Technology : B+
Fundamental Mathematics : B+
Thermofluids 1 : B+
Our Nation, Our World : B+
Critical Reasoning Skills : B
Engineering Materials 1 : C
Computer Programming : D

GPA : 2.792

If you're buying 4D, feel free to choose my GPA. "Nice" numbers that start with a 2 and end with a 2. Anyway, I'm quite surprised that I actually passed my Computer Programming, definitely the worst subject for me ever. I seriously wonder is there any leniency or moderation being done in marking Cprog paper? Or was it really a miracle? *lol*

Putting that aside, my results solely reflect how much effort I've put in, putting myself in an utterly terrible situation.

Next semester will be much tougher, with Mechanics 1 and so on, it's time to really buck up...

Sunday, 20 September 2009














Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Aggrieved & Yet Enduring At The Same Time

Lately, I couldn't care less for things that have been revolving around me.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

But still, it's getting on my nerves. Questions that kept repeating, on and on, don't you all get bored?! I've got no choice but to bear, endure and tolerate all these nonsense.

You reprimanded me just because I'm not doing it your way. Come on, everyone is different, everyone had their own style, their own way of handling matters. I know you meant well, but honestly sometimes you really pissed me off!

You compared me with others, indicating that I should follow them and be a sensible person. But why? I hate them, no way am I recognising them as my role models!

As for you, you looked down on me at times. Sometimes I really want to wash my hands off you. Think you are better? Act like one!

Seriously, please give me a break!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

240 Minutes, Witnessing The Changes

It's been a while since 4E3 had a proper class outing.

From left to right : Edwin, Ivan, PinPin, Me, MH, JieQi, Yikee, Andy (back), Gary, WQ, Shawn and Josh

The number of people arrived was countable - 11 guys and 1 gal. Funnily, 2 of them aren't from our class. So in fact, only 10 out of 38 from the class is here. Thanks to those who came! :)

I don't know what to say, because seriously I don't give a damn anymore. It won't do any good to anyone by forcing, I believe we're all old enough to make our own choices.

I took bus 963 with a few of them, some chatted happily just like before. Especially MH, WQ and Josh. The "debate" that they are doing sounds more like jokes to me, very entertaining and reminiscing! I'm laughing most of the time! =D

Yeah, this is exactly what I miss.

We arrived at Harbourfront Centre and meet up with the rest. I felt kinda sad to see how little of us gathered together.

I always wonder after O Levels, where's all the feeling back then? The familiarity seems to be gone, only strangers and awkwardness. This is something that I don't want to witness with my very own eyes, that's why in the first place I was hesitating whether I should come or not. But I guess I can't avoid this anyway, the changes will definitely take place, and the sooner I see for myself, the lesser the pain it will caused.

Anyway, we move on to Siloso Beach without any further ado. The weather was pretty hot, and guess what are we gonna play? Captain's Ball! Again, one thing that didn't change was my in-activeness. As usual, I failed in being a good player. I couldn't keep up and what awaits me was none other than demoralisation! Just an hour of the game and I'm already dead beat, and the sun had a fun time baking me.

We cool ourselves down and chatted under the shade, before we decided to eat something. The food in Sentosa is too pricey, but I don't think it make any difference when we patronise Carl's Jr at Vivo City. This is just so...PRICEY!

For a first timer like me tasting Carl's Jr bacon burger, it's quite good. But on the other hand, the meal cost a bombing $10.30, instantly burned a big hole in my pocket!

After that we walked around Vivo City before ending this '4 hours / 240 minutes / 14400 seconds' gathering.

Honestly, we should treasure every hour every minute every second, because nobody knows when will we ever meet again. Hopefully, the next time can be better.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

SPC Night Cycling

11pm to 8am.

That's the time given for yesterday's night cycling. Perhaps this is my first time taking part in night cycling and it's still within the Ghost Festival period, my mom was kinda worried. But in the end she gave in, although full of reluctance.

Cute little pup with its beloved owner. :)

The starting point of this event is at East Coast Park. True enough, it reminded me in the past when I went there for class outing, which was years ago. Even though I've the experience of going there, but I totally forgot the route! I've decided to use a simple and lazy method - Taxi.

I set off from Admiralty MRT station, took a train all the way to Bedok. After which I took a taxi to East Coast Park and paid the uncle $5.20.

East Coast Park is much wider than I thought, really live up to its name of being the largest park in Singapore.

Ships and vessels at the horizon.

Anyway, the 9 of us were sorted into the last group or the 3rd group, so-called the "leftovers group". Including me, there's Jun Yan and Zhan Yi! Each and everyone of us were given a bike, cost $14 for the renting fees.

It's been ages since I last rode a bike, but I'm glad my basic skills hadn't gone rusty yet.

For the first part we cycled continuously for about an hour or so, passed East Coast Park and Changi. Along the route that we're taking, I saw NS soldiers sitting by the side, looking at us as we cycled past them. Thinking that next few years will be my turn, I wonder how is it going to be like...

Beside the route is our dearest Changi Airport. Planes were taking off at such close distance from us! When will I be the passenger and not a passerby looking at planes taking off? I seriously wonder...

The route along Changi was quite scary in the midnight, I wouldn't come here unless I'm accompanied by groups of people. Next we take a rest at Changi Beach Park. In the meantime, the seniors wanted to bond us even further by playing teamwork game. 9 of us were blindfolded, holding hands together like gays and form one straight line, then slowly move to our destination, which at the end revealed to be a tree! I'm glad nobody videotaped our gayest moment. :)

After that, we move on and reached Changi Village, the time was around 3am+. Surprisingly, the store that sell drinks are still open, even the Nasi Lemak store too! Haha they easily earned quick bucks from us! :)

Slacking is over, we continue to cycle towards Pasir Ris. This time round we didn't stay on tracks, but at the side of the roads with the yellow lines. Not many vehicles were acting as our obstacles, so we rode as fast as we could!

Reaching Pasir Ris was a terrible experience, the uphill tracks nearly rip my legs muscles apart! By the time I reached the top and going downhill, both my legs were numb.

Tampines was next and then Simei, the time reads 5.38am. We rest for an hour, due to everyone being dead tired and exhausted. The Joker Zhan Yi shared his cold jokes, I was laughing my head off! This successfully kept me awake.

So it's around 6.30am in the morning, we head back to East Coast Park. Probably the determination to go home and sleep was strong enough to overpower fatigue, everyone seems to cycle faster than before!

Along the way Thomas's bike seat broke apart, one of the seniors tied a helmet to replace the seat for the time being. The helmet lasted for quite a distance before breaking. *LOL*

East Coast Park was just right in front, but first we've to go through an underground passageway. At this point of time, a loud balloon-burst sound came from nowhere, then we realised the tire from Thomas's bike busted. *WTF* What an unlucky day for him! Poor little bike...

Returned to East Coast Park, just nice its 8am. Many thanks to SPC for organising such a wonderful event! Pure cycling without any restrictions, this is what I meant by freedom! ^^


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