Sunday, 18 October 2009

Fear, Phobia, Hatred

sick...Sick...SICK and tired of this feeling!

All I can see is black and white...

I rather they don't give me holidays from the start and now "snatching" it back again! Haiz...

As a student, I know it's kinda inappropriate to think like this. What we have to do is fixed from the start, we just have to get used to it. Including me. :(

We were told that there's no such thing as free lunch in this world, that's why we need to study as hard as possible (which everyone wants to see), so that our future will be "secured" and "brightly lit". Yeah, for our own good.

Anyway, for my case I think there will be quite a number of uncertainties starting from tomorrow. Who will I meet during GEM class? What will be some of my new teachers be like? Are the new modules even worse than the previous ones? Can I pull myself up from holiday mood and back to study mood? And it goes on and on...

However, there's one thing for sure which I couldn't escape at all - Oral Communication. In short it's called OC, basically it's a module that focus on formal presentation. I barely survived during my first semester presentation and now, something even worse is heading my way.

I feared presentations as much as I feared falling off a 100-storeys high building, and seriously I don't know how to curb this fear at all...



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