Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Last year AFA08, I went with SQ and CJ. This year AFA09, I'm left with myself going alone. Well, I guess one year is enough to change certain things...

I really love going to AFA, it's an event that I can put down my stress for the time being and just purely immerse myself in the world of Anime.

Held at Suntec Convention, it's the same place as last year. Long long queues were expected, but it was shorten at a pretty fast pace, which is one thing that improved.

Looking at all the enthusiastic Anime fans and cosplayers, I'm getting excited! I've started queuing at 2.55pm and not before long I reached the counter, and bought a 2 days ticket which cost $20 specially only for students! Yeah, the price has gone up...

Woot I got my tickets! I had the sudden urge to visit everywhere but seriously got no idea where to start. Haha! I went in and the first thing I saw was none other than Gundam exhibition! Cool thing was, this year celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Gundam franchise. Hmm...not so excited because I'm not really into Gundam anyway.

Haha I was taken aback by this Masked Rider!

Hitomi-chan! So cute! :)

Compared to last year, there wasn't any arcade area. But fret not, new things were introduced and one of them was Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe! Just the 2 words "Maid Cafe" and I knew it gonna be so kawaii! Unfortunately, I haven't reach the point yet whereby I can bombard my pockets.

Many booths were selling tons of figurines, merchandises that were so eye-catching that I believe any Anime fans would want to get their hands on them! That pain of looking and unable to bring them back home. :(

After all, the main purpose of me coming here was to look around and simply use my camera to capture all the precious moments! :)

This is one figurine that I wish to have, but well I bet it will cost up to hundred over dollars which is totally not within my range! :(

Her name is Hatsune Miku, known as the World's Most Popular Virtual Idol.

Headed to Danny Choo's Tokyo Figure Show, a booth showcasing varieties of figurines! Oh yeah I saw Danny Choo in person, but sadly didn't take a photo with him...

Black Rock Shooter! She's damn cool!

I love this! L from Death Note!

Other than normal figurines, there were also chibi figurines (aka Nendoroid) as well. Too cute to ignore!

Haruhi bleh!

I stayed to watch the concert. Performers were Shoko Nakagawa, our Aniki Ichirou Mizuki and lastly, Hatsune Miku! It wasn't a real life Hatsune Miku performing LIVE, but as usual she's virtual~

I enjoyed listening to Anime music, it's able to bring me into a scenario that was so sad and yet so fantasy-loving, recalling the precious pasts and memories flashing back.

Looking forward to May'n, she will be performing on Day 2!

I just noticed there's a heart shape on her tight outfit!

How I wish I can cast a spell right now and bring myself back to the past...

Walked past the Storm Lion booth and saw these girls!

After a thorough walk-through around almost everywhere, I entered the Bandai area once more.


Hehehe...come to Papa...

OMG that puppy in front is so kawaii to the max!

Again, I stayed for the 'I Love Anisong' concert because May'n is performing! One singer that I mustn't miss, she's damn good during LIVE!

When May'n begin to sing 'Northern Cross', the whole scene became epic and fans went loony! Especially the girls standing beside me. When the song ended and during that one second of interval, 'Lion' begin! It's very well coordinated and so awesome that I'm glad I'm there in person!

Truly speaking, I'll never ever forget the memories that AFA has created.


Sunday, 22 November 2009



刚刚在冲凉时哭了一会儿,因为心里的结一直紧紧的绑着,似乎难以解开。许许多多的疑问围绕着我 - 为什么我得受这种苦?为什么欠我钱的不自动换我,还要我像个乞丐一样亲自向他们讨?为什么美好的时光总得告一段落?为什么不能每天做自己喜欢做的事,而要到自己很讨厌的地方去受尽折磨和约束?为什么你们不能像以前一样,而要这么彻底地改变?


说真的,我好想好想放弃这里的一切,离开这个是非之地!但 ‘现实’ 总有办法把我打回原形,使我的心灵一次又一次地受到创伤。



Monday, 16 November 2009

GEM Assignment 1

Architecture Exterior Day Shot - Brothers (Day)

Esplanade is one of the many famous landmarks in Singapore. To me they are like two brothers, working together to bring the audience an unforgettable experience. The technique used is the sky acting as negative space.

Architecture Exterior Night Shot - Brothers (Night)

Even at night, the Esplanade still stand out pretty much due to its explicit shape. Same as the first shot, the night sky act as the negative space.

Architecture Interior Day Shot - Light & Shadow (Day)

The bond between light and shadow will never break. As long as there's light, shadow will be formed. Repeated patterns resulted in the technique Rhythm.

Architecture Interior Night Shot - Light & Shadow (Night)

But without a single ray of light, there will never be shadows. The Rhythm of repeated patterns were still there.

Self Portrait - Evolution

Everyone undergoes evolution, so do I. It's a matter of fact whether you head towards the darkness or the light, or even both. By moving closer to the subject and placing it in the middle, I'm filling up the frame. There's negative space too.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

City Hall Moments

I was at City Hall again for my GEM assignment!

Being a photography-lover, City Hall has always been a very good photography location to me. City skylines, the Civilian War Memorial, Singapore River and Marina Bay!

The time seems to slow down whenever I'm here, and that's the way I like. Even without any assignments I still go to City Hall once in a while, looking at all the different changes, signifying time is passing by...

Marina Bay Sands in the middle of constructions...

Walking along Marina Bay never fails to make me feel relaxed, thanks to the breeze, it blew away all my vexes and frustrations!

If only life is a fantasy and full of dreams...


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