Monday, 16 November 2009

GEM Assignment 1

Architecture Exterior Day Shot - Brothers (Day)

Esplanade is one of the many famous landmarks in Singapore. To me they are like two brothers, working together to bring the audience an unforgettable experience. The technique used is the sky acting as negative space.

Architecture Exterior Night Shot - Brothers (Night)

Even at night, the Esplanade still stand out pretty much due to its explicit shape. Same as the first shot, the night sky act as the negative space.

Architecture Interior Day Shot - Light & Shadow (Day)

The bond between light and shadow will never break. As long as there's light, shadow will be formed. Repeated patterns resulted in the technique Rhythm.

Architecture Interior Night Shot - Light & Shadow (Night)

But without a single ray of light, there will never be shadows. The Rhythm of repeated patterns were still there.

Self Portrait - Evolution

Everyone undergoes evolution, so do I. It's a matter of fact whether you head towards the darkness or the light, or even both. By moving closer to the subject and placing it in the middle, I'm filling up the frame. There's negative space too.


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