Monday, 11 January 2010

GEM Assignment 2

Lighting Shot - Bugs Bunny Cup

This was one of our old cups, thought of using it because I realised it makes a really good subject. Compositions used were the Rule of Thirds, the wall acting as Negative Space. Lighting used were Side Lighting, which is actually sunlight from the window.

Lighting Shot - Creepy Bugs Bunny Cup

As this cup has a face of Bugs Bunny, it would be a lot more fun to make it looks creepy. Compositions used were Rule of Thirds, the wall acting as Negative Space. Lighting used were Bottom Lighting, which is produced by a torchlight.

Decisive Moment Shot - Being Ignored

The lady was as though ignoring the cute chubby bird statue just right behind her. Instead of taking photos of it, she was focusing on other areas.

Decisive Moment Shot - I See You

Although the couple seems to be separated by the lamp in the middle, they can still see each other, no matter how far they are.

Decisive Moment Shot - Look Over There

Something seems to caught the attention of the little kid, and from this angle he was as though facing the direction of this particular cyclist's backside.

Decisive Moment Shot - Together As One

Another lovely couple, witnessing the beautiful sunset and enjoying this very blissful moment.



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