Thursday, 14 January 2010

Presentation Is Hell

There's one thing that I hate the most in my school life.


Why must I present? Why am I stressing myself up for this shit? It'll only ruin my mood my day, nothing else.

Finally that damn presentation is over! Furthest left is my Electronics tutor.

Today especially, was my group OC (Oral Communication) presentation. IT WAS HORRIBLE! I left out soooo many stuff during the presentation, overall the performance was TOTALLY different from what I'm expecting.

Standing in front of the audience, though we are on the same level, they were like huge terrifying monsters, I wanted to just run away! Of course, I know running away doesn't solve the problem. So I began my presentation terribly...

Know what I hate the most in this hateful presentation? Showing my peers how pathetic I am with that struggling expression, blabbering and embarrassing myself, stunned and forgot what to say due to extreme nervousness, embarrassing myself even further...

I looked into the eyes of my teacher, she looks kind of bored, ready to yawn at any time. I looked into the eyes of my fellow peers, showering "you are pathetic" towards me...

I felt so down after every presentation, it's a helluva torture. I won't be able to forget the pain presentation has given me, even if the pain is gone, the scars will always be there forever...



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