Sunday, 14 March 2010

DMA Cyclists @ East Coast Park

It all started 2 days ago, when we took off to East Coast Park!

Love the wind, love our hair. *LOL*!

Excitement is one thing, getting there is another. I can't remember which bus we took, but apparently it should be either buses 196 or 197 since it's a weekday Friday. Upon reaching, we simply head over to the underground passageway and find our way to East Coast Park. I heard there's also bus 401 which will directly drive you there but it only runs on weekends.

It was a super hot day. Though I'm prepared, but the weather was a killer. A bottle of water? Make it 4 please!

East Coast Park is rather close to the fantasy that I'm looking for. Wide spaces and endless cool breeze, it's like I can lie there and dream all day long...

The sea water was emerald in colour. The sky turned cloudy and dyed with the faintest blue. And then a distance away from us I saw it, a small fraction of the sky was actually raining! Fascinating view.

It was an enjoyable ride with friends, joking around and filling the journey with fun and laughter! :)

After conquering East Coast Park, we decided to venture out further and ride towards Changi Village. But somehow luck was not on our side, one of our bikes tire punctured! No other choice but to take turns and rode that punctured bike back to the rent shop. It's not fun when things went too smoothly without a challenge. ;)

I don't think it's a challenge at all, since we are all...STRONG MEN! XD


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