Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Dream Come True

More than a year of constant savings, worked at bookshop and collecting red packets, the fruit Canon EOS 500D was harvested!

From now on, it's Canon delighting ME always! :)

I got this awesome DSLR kit for $1190 2 days ago from my father's friend, who also bought a Canon EOS 500D for himself too!

That night, I tested it out with a couple of shots, shooting close-ups but the result wasn't what I expected. The photos either turned out blurry or out of focus, which kinda demoralises at that point of time...

Yeah it was pretty hard, I try to avoid all the auto modes and mainly focus on the manual settings, which is the key to success!

After all, it's practise and more practise!


  1. seems like many of us expect to get great shots with DSLR, probably cos we have been influenced by ads!! I'm learning too, bought Pentax K-X but only start to learn more about the different settings recently. So far, I've been using the Av and Tv modes most of the time.. yeah need to practise more!

  2. Wow nice! Haha same as you I've been using Av and Tv modes only. Hopefully, we can get the hand of it! :)