Saturday, 27 March 2010


How time flies. Just yesterday I'm still Seventeen!

I'm grateful to all who wishes me, thank you so much! :)

Ivan seems eager to taste the cake! *drooling*

My 18th birthday was celebrated earlier with my relatives last week during our stay at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore. :)

Owen, Ivan and me! It would be perfect if my brother is here too...

Ah Yi and me!

Ah Gu and me!

Thanks Ah Yi for the cake! I've forgotten the flavour...

On the actual day, just like last year I celebrated with my parents in a simpler way. My brother not around again. What's special this time is I celebrated during Earth Hour, all lights off except a solitude candle stood still, supplying us with some light! XD

According to my Papa, it's a Matcha Green Tea cake with red bean fillings from BreadTalk that's organic and healthy. It's not cheap okay, 30 bucks for the SMALLEST!

Thanks Papa and Mommy! :)


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