Wednesday, 24 March 2010

SP 1B Semester Exam Results

Year 1 has finally come to an end.

With a goner module like Mechanics 1, I'm so worried that I'll fail and forward! :'(

The Revealing Eye In Digital Photography (GEM) : B+
Engineering Mathematics 1 : B+
Introduction To Engineering : B+
Innovation, Design & Enterprise In Action : B
Electronics : C+
Computer-Aided Drafting : C+
Oral Communication : C+
Mechanics 1 (DAMN THIS) : D+

GPA : 2.708

Fortunately, I survived this Mechanics ordeal (although I failed its mid-semester test TWICE, and scored an EGG for its quiz! =.=|||). Before that I'm seriously prepared to accept whatever grade it gave me...

It's amazing how helpless one can be during an exam. For the mechanics of CAD, I couldn't even get the hang of it in the first place, much to say draw the required figure specified in the exam question?! Of course, it's definitely unbecoming of a student to hand in 'Blank Paper', the least I can do is to draw something "presentable". In other words, I'm done for. :'(

Sadly for this semester my GPA dropped! A 0.084 difference from the previous 1A Semester Exam Results.

One thing that I'm disappointed with is my GEM. It's the easiest of all to get an A or Dist, but I got a B+ instead! :'(

All the worries will come back as soon as Year 2 begins, major players like Mechanics 2 and CAD awaits me... :'(



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