Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

3 days ago, I went to the newly opened Hard Rock Hotel Singapore with my relatives!

It's an experience that I mustn't miss and also a great learning opportunity for my DSLR! I sort of became a "representative" of my family, because my parents were working and brother had to go to school.

Ah Yi booked a taxi and we set off to Vivo City. The taxi driver, a pretty old uncle, spoke in fluent English and talked about gambling and suicides and his life experiences, his lengthy speech was a bit too much! I just keep nodding my head...

Finally we reached and my ears instantly settled down. I had my first meal of the day at a Nyonya restaurant, spicy food that suits my taste! I'm totally in love with their Otah. :)

Ah Gu drove us into Sentosa, the parking fees was damn expensive! First hour $6, and the continuing is $2/hr! They really know where to "suck blood" from consumers...

Anyway, we made our way to the lobby. As mentioned it's Hard Rock, you're bound to hear their rock music in the hotel itself! Inside the lobby, there's a bar right in the middle and of course a shop selling Hard Rock merchandises! Hard Rock Hotel Singapore is separated from the other hotels nearby, a distance away from the Casino and branded shops. Thus normally you don't see crowds, which is preferably for peace-loving guests.

It's a new hotel, so perhaps that's why some problems occurred. We're expected to check in at 3pm, but ended up waiting for half an hour.

Owen and Ivan!

So finally we were given room #440, and another problem arise. There was already someone in there! Without knowing at first, we opened the door and the tenant was like so angry and shocked that we've access to their room! She said luckily she's in there, if not we can steal their stuff or something...

We're being wronged and yet there's nothing we can do but to apologise. In the end, our room was one floor higher at #540. The manager apologised and well, forgive and forget then...

Upon entering, I'm in awe by the ambient lighting and decorations in the room, it felt so relaxing! For your info, both of the rooms are connected.

Appreciate the way they sort the necessities creatively based on Hard Rock!

A convenient digital weighing scale in the bathroom.

Ah Ma cutting pears for everyone. :)


Ah Gu and Ivan!

Spectacular! Got the postcard-feel. *lol*

I really enjoyed being here, thanks Ah Yi and everyone for everything! ^^


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