Friday, 28 May 2010

My Hero

It's only when you lose it, then you realise how important it is to you, but the fact is, it's too late...

Yesterday, 7am in the morning

It's really my hero. Withstood the test of water, and after letting it dry by itself overnight, I'm so glad that it's still able to play music!

On the other hand, I actually felt guilty. This mp3 player was a gift from my Ah Gu many years back. I still remember it was purchased from Sim Lim Square. For quite some time, I left it aside collecting dust. I even lend it to my bro, because I seriously can't be bothered.

My bro got sick of it when he has his own phone, own music. He returned it back to me, with some surface damages here and there. For the first time, it pains me when I see such "abuse". Honestly after that, I regret lending it to him. But still, I didn't go the point of using the mp3 player. Therefore, it went back to the usual spot collecting dust again. That in particular, last for months maybe? I can't remember.

Until a few weeks ago, I decided to have it as my mp3 player (instead of my phone) because I realise it's a waste not to fully utilise its full potential (like finally).

For the next few weeks, I enjoyed having it by my side, and the time spent in the train travelling back and forth from school wasn't boring anymore.

Until 2 days ago, because of my carelessness, I left it in the pocket of my bermuda shorts, which was washed in the washing machine and SOAKED OVERNIGHT! No wonder my mom mentioned that while during the time when the washing machine was working, she heard cracking sound coming out from the machine!

That must be it asking for help helplessly! And yet I was in my room stupidly didn't realise that something important is missing?!

1 hour later, 8am in the morning

As of yesterday, same day when I was so happy it's workable despite the internal damage, I ended its life with my own hands. I paused the music and it died...died without any warning.

The song that I paused, the last song that it played for me was Madoromi no Rinne. Indeed, such a beautiful song that suits the mood so well...

14 hours later, 10pm at night

I heed my friend's advice by changing the battery, and it miraculously came back to life! Happy? Yeah of course! ^^

14 hours later, today 12pm

It left...and this time, is for real... :'(



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