Thursday, 22 March 2012

[P.O.P] One Piece 'Strong Edition' Franky

Portrait of Pirates One Piece Excellent Model Series 'Strong Edition' Franky

Manufacturer : MegaHouse
Producer : ATTM
Series : One Piece
Material : PVC
Scale : 1/8
Height : 20 cm
Castoffability : Removable guns, cola, sunglasses, hammer and hand
Purchased From : ToyCoin
Purchased Price : SGD$115

I think SGD$115 was a rather good price. I mean, just look at his "armory". Still not convinced? The box and Franky himself, as massive as Jinbe!

Up close, just how distinguishable are these "hands"?

Swim brief aside, I couldn't open that stomach hatch of his. Well no cola for you then, Franky.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Punggol Promenade

Today's journey with Bibi begin from Bus 965, opposite Admiralty MRT station. We alighted at Sengkang bus interchange and took the train towards Punggol. From there we took bus 84 and ta-da, we reached Punggol Promenade, home to the Punggol Beach!

Prints Galore

It was a sunny and pretty humid day so we didn't wander around for long. Thus, after taking a few memory pictures and strolling along the beach, we went to catch John Carter. It was an alright movie and that, sums up our day! XD

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hotel Miramar Singapore

Recently Mommy won a night stay at Hotel Miramar Singapore, a 4-star hotel located near Chinatown.

Upon reaching the reception desk, we had to place a deposit of $50 in cash only. However, none of us have $50 cash with us! Thus, we begin a little journey in search of the nearest ATM.

After what seems like hours, we found ourselves at a market (which I later found out to be Tiong Bahru market) with a ATM! Thank goodness.

Overall we are satisfied with the hotel. The room is pretty cosy!

The views from our room.

LEE-CHOY Family Photoshoot

My aunt decided to bring us to a studio for a family portrait photoshoot. It was my first and wonderful experience, having specialists to dress and prepare you up for the shoot!

In the future, if possible, I would love to do this again!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

USS Dim Sum Gathering (Farewell)

It was my last day of work in Studios Store.

I had supper with the afternoon shift team (Mei Lian, Eileen, Jess, Starlyn, Christine, Gerald and Yeow Meng) just like we always did after a long night, but with a heavy heart. This could most likely be the last time I have a hearty meal with them.

I will miss you, awesome people.

Just a side note, on this night I chanced upon Bibi as well as Belinda Lee (李心钰) in the exact same restaurant.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Those Were The Days, At USS

I remember 2 years ago it was on a weekend, a truly memorable rocky start.

Photo of the team in the afternoon shift. It was Suzy last day with us as well.

Going for supper...again!

The people in Studios Store was packed like a can of sardines, with wormy long queues at every Point of sale (POS). Much to my dislike, I was assigned to be on POS duty at Zone 1. Despite I had on-the-job training previously, nothing beats the real deal on the actual day. I was extremely nervous and nothing seems to go smooth-right. On numerous occasions I had no choice but to apologetically seek help from my colleague (who also had her hands full with the customers), which she got a little annoyed but I totally understand that. I told myself, no matter how long the queue is, it will still end as time goes by.

On my Day 1, I had a taste of the ugly side of human-beings. Some people were just so impatient and giving off that high and mighty attitude. They spare no effort to lash out their anger at you for their unhappiness gotten elsewhere, a frontline staff who is just doing his job. It was upsetting to encounter such disgusting behaviours from these people and they easily spoil your entire day!

After my first day of cashiering duty, I was exhausted and defeated. After deducting the float I had from the start, I informed my supervisor the balance on my hand. "No, it isn't correct. You have a discrepancy of $113.70", she said. I was pretty shocked to be honest, as this involves money! "Do I have to pay back?" goes through my head. I must have gave the wrong change to the customer or pressed something I shouldn't press on the POS machine. Thereafter, I need to fill in a form to declare the outstanding/discrepancy amount. This form, I have filled it 3 times at the beginning. Comparing with my peers who started at the same point as me, I wish I was them...who made no mistakes.

As a sales associate, besides cashiering duty you also do sales. For sales, you are responsible for replenishing stocks at the shop floor and of course, assist and greet any customers who enter the store. Initially when I did replenishment, I frequently go in and out of our "backstage" to take 1-2 items. Suspecting this is an inefficient way, my store manager told us to write down what are the items that require topping up at the shop floor, before coming in. It saves a lot of time but the point is, she wanted us to focus more on the customers rather than "avoiding" them by going in and out of the "backstage" just to take 1 item.

A photo with Eileen

A photo with Joyce

A photo with Cheryl

A photo with Zulaikha

A photo with Jhelai

A photo with Gabby

It wasn't long before I got comfortable working with the first and original team in the store. As time passes by, countless people from full-time to part-time staff, and interns from local and overseas, come and go.

In the year 2011, the store reshuffled their manpower and some of the full-timers moved to other stores. Thinking that I wouldn't be able to see them anymore in the store, I was kinda upset and somehow that made me lost interest in work. However, deep down I knew this was inevitable. All good things must come to an end.

Saturday, 3 March 2012




我妈常说:“东西是死的,人是活的。” 试问,你怎么会与死的东西起冲突、讨没趣?当然是与活人!所以呢,我并不讨厌这学校。是人,罪魁祸首的始终是人,令我对上学感到如此厌烦。


这些人,自我为中心、自大且不耐烦。有一次与这位同辈在食阁买菜饭,Auntie 好心问他要不要 ‘加饭’,他一副目中无人的样子以 ‘挥挥手’ 的动作表示 OK。真该死,回答一下会要他命酱?



最 “经典” 莫过于有人觉得我可笑,为何毕业后有大把的时间却不继续在环球影城工作,反而辞掉?说什么,辞职是为了吸。引。注。意。力。天啊,这的的确确是典型的 ‘狗嘴里吐不出象牙’,外加塞了一坨屎。他并不知道,也没必要知道,辞职背后的原因。但是,身为一个人,一个成人,口出此言算什么?想必,是在对自己说吧?

Friday, 2 March 2012

Last Phase

After what felt like an eternal struggle, I entered the last phase of this painful journey - Final Year Project. I remembered on the first day we went through a process I called 'Selection'. My classmates and I stood anxiously waiting for the different projects that were about to unveil before our very eyes, which we have to select one of them and be prepared to work our ass off on it whether you like it or not.

Next arrive the supervisors of each project explaining what they want to achieve and so on. One of the supervisors caught everyone's attention - a male Caucasian. I thought it will be interesting to work with a Caucasian, but to be honest I just want to interact with one. The project was the least of my concern.

In the end, after a short interview with 亨利 and another local supervisor, I got myself into the project!

However, I certainly didn't expect there was a side project waiting for me - to create a user-friendly guide on how to operate the robot. I was told to carry on what the previous student has done so far.

Long story short, the guide did not come into existence.

Back to the main project, it was done at this workplace located at the far end of the institution, sharing the facilities with 2 other teams. They were supervised by Soon Y.B, "Hydra" and Mr Ryan. Who exactly is "Hydra"?

Other than being serious in my assigned project, you will find me playing mobile games such as Kartrider and Scramble with Friends. Furthermore, I went to the nearby libraries to read the entire collection of Slam Dunk and watched "Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea". It was truly time well-spent in my opinion.

Days gone by and I somehow managed to come to the stage whereby our prototype could be put to the test. It didn't go so well.

Fast forward, even as I wonder "what am I doing" every single day in my poly life, I have reached the end of my final year!


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