Sunday, 16 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 3

I was on cloud nine when I'm graded C6 for my CCA.

You must be wondering, what's the big deal about a mere C6 grade? You just barely passed! I've to tell you, IT IS a big deal! As I mentioned before, I became a regular "skipper" for my CCA since Sec 2, so I'm pretty confident in failing my CCA.

But miracle do happens. Getting a C6 grade means I've passed my CCA! But most importantly, a graded C6 is equivalent to a bonus point of 1! That will definitely be a great help to my O Levels overall score.

However, bad luck befalls. As I had PE today, *Miss Tar started telling us about the CCA slip. And omgwtfbbq, she wants to see me? What I'm afraid of has come true.

I didn't attend any of this year CCA, which simply means the points from Sec 1 onwards are annulled. By "default" I should be getting a D7 grade, but because of her baseless typo error or whatever reasons she can bullshitted out, I received a C6 grade instead.

There are a total of 3 persons who changed my grade AND my future.

First of all, *Miss Tar of course. The so-called "government cert" was so important to us students, and yet she made a "typo error"? Is this serious business like a joke to her? I don't see any repent on her face, all she wanted is to let me sign on the D7 slip and that's it. Once you signed, it means you agreed to the amendments made. By asking me what reasons for not attending CCA at this point of time really going to change the situation? Does it matter anymore?

Secondly, *Sissy. How *Miss Tar realised her "error" was all because of him. What a "big-mouth". If he just keep his mouth shut, she will never know. By saying sorry is enough? Hey buddy, we're talking about a person's future here! Oh by the way, he was graded D7 too. But his studies were so good! He doesn't need CCA point as much as I do! Why dragged me down with you?

Lastly, ME. I'm partly to blame as well for not attending CCA, for telling *Sissy about my C6 grade. I should've waited until I've received all my certificates!

There's nothing I can do about it, I'm reaping what I sowed.


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