Monday, 17 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 4

Every morning, we had our assembly. As usual, whenever someone from the "higher-ups" picked up the mic to talk, we need to greet them. Me (or everybody) greeted them in a pretty dead tone, like I care! Oh well, I've never treated the "higher-ups" alive in the first place. Then this corrupted, crappy Discipline Master (DM) *Mr. UN-Justice start "acting all big".

After our greetings, he said "I can only hear the Sec 1, 2 and 3, what about the Sec 4 and 5? Everyone be seated except for the Sec 4 and 5." It's pretty normal because this wasn't the first time, and I quite agreed with him.

Next of course, he wanted us to greet again. This time round, I heard it CRYSTAL CLEAR. What pissed me and others off was *Mr. UN-Justice said that only the 4NT students may sit. At that point of time I was like what the fuck?! Are you fucking kidding me?! This is so damn obvious he's being biased!

I can understand that he is a DM, who holds so much power that we students had no choice but to listen to him and his craps. We students are just small little pawns.

Seriously speaking, he's not the only one who kept on doing all this pointless stuff. I've to point out this one particular PATHETIC LACKEY TEACHER. She thinks she's a DM as well (but sadly she's not), "acting all big" and imitating *Mr. UN-Justice.

Hey bitch, do you know the way you talk was unbearable? Who do you think you are? All along you have been crapping and made a fool out of yourself. Please, change your attitude first or else no one will ever going to listen to you! A piece of advice here, STOP BOOTLICKING.


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