Wednesday, 19 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 5

"Ya, can can."

This was the reply I got from my D&T teacher when I showed her some of the drawings (which I did my best to draw) regarding the product I'm going to make. That was before the Mid-Year exams.

Today, it was intensive D&T. I showed her the idea I've drawn (which is exactly the same one) and you know what "advice" she gave me? "The mug holder is bulky." "Why the user cannot take from this handle but the other?" and few others.

Therefore, I need to redo and change some parts of my product. Yes, I can't deny the fact that I haven't even start fabricating my product, but changing it really pisses me off. I was stunned. I've no idea where to begin. The moment I made mistake, I've to redo again!

For goodness sake that's a waste of time! Do you know when you put in the effort to complete one thing and someone said "No! Not like this!", wouldn't you feel so unappreciated?

But seriously I must congratulate my friends who have been "approved" and already started doing. Now I understand why D&T passing rates are dropping. It's understandable that with so many students and "this kind" of teachers, it was rather difficult for them to focus on everyone. Maybe I'm already wrong in the first place, but I'll bear with it and focus on my D&T O Levels.




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