Thursday, 20 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 6

If time ever reverse, I'll never choose D&T.

We create our own product for D&T was solely for our exams. The product, must be of some use towards the users. But most importantly of all, the product itself exists to reduce the burden of the user, and NOT to add on some more.

My D&T teacher emphasised greatly on this part. Yet, she indirectly went back on what she said.

Due to my incapability in bending one part of my product, I asked for her help. So she bend, which I think it was pretty well done. But after she tried putting it on my product, the effect wasn't what I expected.

Obviously that was a mistake, because the bended part didn't fit nicely according to the size of my junk. She knew she made a mistake. But she simply ignored the mistake and "kindly" insist me to accept it! My original plan was totally different from what she did. The way she looked at me and I knew it.

There goes everything. My already-a-burden junk is now officially a piece of crap that's worse than any junk. How on earth is this shit able to reduce the burden of the user? I believe it's already considered a feat if it can stop being a burden to the user. Seriously, I shouldn't have listened to her in the first place! Some of my friends have already finished theirs. They were kinda lucky because they received ample help from my D&T teacher. For those unlucky ones, just depend on yourself because she will only create new problems for you. Once you listened = GOOD GAME.

Here I am, already accepted her idea. I'm in a lost now. Will my decision guide me towards success? I don't think so at all.

I agreed with one of my teachers, she said that "the difference between a good school and an average school are the students, and of course the teachers too". Doesn't it sound so true?


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