Monday, 26 May 2008

O Level Chinese Exam

26th May, the day whereby I took my first ever O Level paper - Chinese! The Chinese Composition question wasn't what I predicted, but I think it's fine? Though I'm really worried about the score, but I can't change the fact anymore...

I did my exam in the school hall, much spacious and well ventilated as compared to the humid and "pressurised" classroom.

Before Paper 1 officially commence, my hand was shaking in fear because I'm afraid I paste the barcode wrongly. But I managed it anyway by overcoming my fear in 1sec!

In overall, Paper 1 was alright but I'm not confident in getting good marks from it. Paper 2 was alright as well but I've doubts regarding the answers I wrote.

After my exams, I called my father to take a trip down to school to meet my form teacher Mdm Radiah. Not that much of a problem she said, but in my eyes were just "courtesy words". My overall rank in class was unbelievably high. My L1R4? Not even worth mentioning. All I've is B, C and E grades. What a joke!

The session lasted about 10mins and I "happily" receive my Report Book.

I felt like burning it away.

Saturday, 24 May 2008


两个星期前我被分派到 4E-Challenge 的华文班,也没有太大的改变,大多的 Band 3 学生还在,还是由张老师负责。

Challenge 翻译成华文就是挑战,尤其是我们这些中四学生,注定要和全国的中四中五学生来拼个你死我活。

记得有一次无意间看到电视上所播出了一首歌的 MV ,名为 ‘挑战’ 。我满喜欢歌里的其中一句歌词: “挑战,是引燃美梦的殿堂” ,是不是很有意思呢?要达成梦想,就必须突破障碍,面临种种挑战时绝不退缩。一个人如果在年幼时像温室里的小花一样,将来很难在社会上生存。

4E-Challenge 这班的学生包括我都是以智取胜,有起有落,虽然顽皮了一些,但还是有专心听课哦。今天已是华文集训的最后一天,圆满落幕。这九天以来见证了大家的努力,老师们更不用说,他们所付出的一切值得敬佩,而我们的华文成度也更上一层楼。

再过多一天就是华文 O 水准了,是时候挑战九天以来的努力与汗水 (由于天气太过炎热) ,要记得对自己说: “我可以办到的!” 老师尽心尽力地教导我们,我们当然要以好成绩来回报他们不是吗?

Marsiling Sec MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Letter) : 13/20
Queensway Sec MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Letter) : 12/20
Pasir Ris Crest Sec MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Letter) : 12/20
Punggol Sec MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Letter) : 12/20
Punggol Sec MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Compo) : 31/50
Cedar Girls' Sec MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Compo) : 29/50
Greenridge Sec MYE 2008 Paper 2 : 50/70
Pasir Ris Crest Sec MYE 2008 Paper 2 : 50.5/70
2006 May/June O Level Paper 2 : 41.5/70
2007 May/June O Level Paper 2 : 48/70

Thursday, 22 May 2008






张老师终于在五点多 “解放” 我们。在我回家的途中反省了几道无聊的问题,其中: “如果我有超能力的话,那该有多好啊?” 事事可都在我掌握之中。

“如果我望着天空时,天使的祝福降临于我,我还会是我吗?我会变成另外一个人吗?” 或许我会成为一位天才也说不定。


Wednesday, 21 May 2008


懒惰是人的本性,谁会不懒惰?但我虽然口口声声说要 “冲” 华文,但始终无法过懒惰这关。老师给我的功课迟迟没交,我一拖再拖,多到简直像座山!我毫无恒心,想完成功课可说是难上加难啊。。。

就说刚才好了,我在 Causeway Point 的巴士站等着巴士。原本打算要去买笔的,而卖笔的书店的确有两辆巴士可以到达。一辆是 913 ,另一辆则是 964 。不同的是, 913 可以直接抵达我家楼下,可是 964 却不能。

因此我的脑海里突然来了一个念头; 如果 913 先来的话,我就不去买笔了。原因何在?我就不需要走一段路到书店买笔了嘛!可以直接回家啊。。。

果然不出我所料,913 的确先到车站,因此我并没有买笔而直接返回家。天啊,我是不是败在懒惰的刀下呢?


Saturday, 17 May 2008

MapleSEA 3rd Year Anniversary

Congratulation MapleSEA! *F2*

How time flies, I've been playing this game for 3 years already. Thinking back, it's amazing how a game could bring an impact to my life, creating unforgettable memories... ;)

To celebrate this special day, unique quests and events were available for us players! You know what? I love doing quests, because there's objective!

Monster suits!

Alright so I spent a couple of hours completing the quests and finally I got myself the 'Holy Symbol Effect'! Looks pretty awesome! ^^

Friday, 16 May 2008

Chinese Intensive

Day 1

Today's the start of Chinese Intensive, basically it's just some "hardcore drilling" on our Mother Tongue.

I was re-banded to the same class. It's better this way, I prefer my original teacher! :)

Surprisingly Xiao Yun didn't change class. The class without him will be kind of...boring! Intensive is seriously no joke, it was like a real exam. We've to do and complete tons of Chinese papers! By the end of the day I couldn't feel my hand... :(

In order to prove myself, the work which I've done and marked will be posted here because I wanted to see how much I've progressed throughout the whole Intensive.

德景中学 MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Letter) : 11/20
德景中学 MYE 2008 Paper 2 : 39.5/70

Day 2

Same as yesterday, we've to do loads of Paper 2 and Composition. Sadly loads of homework were given, and I used 4 hours to complete them. :'(

I really hope that O Level is taking place right now, so I don't have to endure the Intensive and be done with it. I'm tired, I felt like giving up... :'(

德景中学 MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Compo) : 28/50

Day 3

Today's rather special I guess? The pace is slower, not as strenuous as yesterday. The first period was simply going through our results, and I got myself position 12 in class. Luckily for the results, a certain percentage of the marks were added in from CA1, if not I'm gonna fail 5 subjects! I'm like on the edge of the cliff, struggling to pass...

Anyway after going through our results, there's this boring event taking place in the hall at 10.45pm - Woodgrove Idol. I knew it was going to be "torturous" to sit there and listen to "music", so Jie Qi, SY and I stayed in the class instead. Almost everyone was in the hall, and I bet they were suffering! (except for the contestants)

This is the first time I skipped a school event, but I'm enjoying though. I "tried" to complete my Chinese homework during this period of time, but my handphone is soooo tempting that I played with it until the event ends.

As expected everyone complain about the bloody event, and they look so drained out. I'm freed from torture once again! After school, I stayed back for more Intensive and went through the mistakes we made (some were really hilarious!) for Letter Writing.

Cedar Girls' Sec MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Letter) : 12/20
GreenRidge Sec MYE 2008 Paper 1 (Letter) : 12/20
2006 'O' Level Oct/Nov MYE 2008 Paper 2 : 38.5/70

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mid Year Results

Got back my results for my Mid Year, as expected it's terrible to the core! :(

English Paper 1 : 31/60
English Paper 2 : 23/50
Chinese Paper 1 : 43/70
Chinese Paper 2 : 42/70
E Math Paper 1 : 59/80
E Math Paper 2 : 48/100
A Math Paper 1 : 37/77
A Math Paper 2 : 29/100
Combined Science (Chemistry) Paper 2 : 14.5/65
Combined Science (Physics) Paper 2 : 40/65
Combined Science Paper 1 : 24/40
Combined Humanities (Social Studies) : 23/50
Combined Humanities (Geography) : 25/50
D&T : 31/100


English : 49/100 D7
Chinese : 66/100 B3
E Maths : 61/100 B4
A Maths : 34/100 F9
Combined Science : 46/100 D7
Combined Humanities : 48/100 D7
D&T : 31/100 F9

L1R5 : 37

L1R4 : 28

To be honest, I'm not demoralised at all. There's nothing much I could do anyway, what's done is done. Before I receive my results, I'm already mentally prepared. Perseverance is important to me at this point of time.

My poor performance could even lead me to 'Meet The Parents' session! But, I don't give a damn.

When I reached home and read the newspaper, I was shocked. The 7.9 level earthquake that happened at China Sichuan was painful to see. We are really fortunate to be able to live in Singapore, a safe and sound country. We should appreciate more instead of grumbling more.

Think how other countries are working hard to solve the problems they are facing, think how lucky we are.

What could their sufferings compared to mine? I only failed my exams, and chances are it's still possible for me to get better results. But once a life is lost, it's lost.


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