Thursday, 14 January 2010

Presentation Is Hell

There's one thing that I hate the most in my school life.


Why must I present? Why am I stressing myself up for this shit? It'll only ruin my mood my day, nothing else.

Finally that damn presentation is over! Furthest left is my Electronics tutor.

Today especially, was my group OC (Oral Communication) presentation. IT WAS HORRIBLE! I left out soooo many stuff during the presentation, overall the performance was TOTALLY different from what I'm expecting.

Standing in front of the audience, though we are on the same level, they were like huge terrifying monsters, I wanted to just run away! Of course, I know running away doesn't solve the problem. So I began my presentation terribly...

Know what I hate the most in this hateful presentation? Showing my peers how pathetic I am with that struggling expression, blabbering and embarrassing myself, stunned and forgot what to say due to extreme nervousness, embarrassing myself even further...

I looked into the eyes of my teacher, she looks kind of bored, ready to yawn at any time. I looked into the eyes of my fellow peers, showering "you are pathetic" towards me...

I felt so down after every presentation, it's a helluva torture. I won't be able to forget the pain presentation has given me, even if the pain is gone, the scars will always be there forever...

Monday, 11 January 2010

GEM Assignment 2

Lighting Shot - Bugs Bunny Cup

This was one of our old cups, thought of using it because I realised it makes a really good subject. Compositions used were the Rule of Thirds, the wall acting as Negative Space. Lighting used were Side Lighting, which is actually sunlight from the window.

Lighting Shot - Creepy Bugs Bunny Cup

As this cup has a face of Bugs Bunny, it would be a lot more fun to make it looks creepy. Compositions used were Rule of Thirds, the wall acting as Negative Space. Lighting used were Bottom Lighting, which is produced by a torchlight.

Decisive Moment Shot - Being Ignored

The lady was as though ignoring the cute chubby bird statue just right behind her. Instead of taking photos of it, she was focusing on other areas.

Decisive Moment Shot - I See You

Although the couple seems to be separated by the lamp in the middle, they can still see each other, no matter how far they are.

Decisive Moment Shot - Look Over There

Something seems to caught the attention of the little kid, and from this angle he was as though facing the direction of this particular cyclist's backside.

Decisive Moment Shot - Together As One

Another lovely couple, witnessing the beautiful sunset and enjoying this very blissful moment.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

West Coast Park

Today I took Bus 175 at Clementi bus interchange and headed to West Coast Park to snap some decisive moment shots for my GEM Assignment 2.

The sunset view from West Coast Park blown me away...

I was there previously for my ONOW CIP and was amazed by the skies and nature, since then I knew I had to come back again someday! Known for its splendid view of the sunset, 6pm is the best timing for all photography enthusiasts!

Huge pinky kite, rather eye-catching. XD

The (VERY) big open field is a great spot for kite-flying!

Is this what they call Heaven On Earth?

Not wanting to be kaypoh (busybody), but they do make a good subject with that awesome background!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

SP 1B Mid-Semester Test Results

One thing for sure, everything is beginning to get harder...

Computer-Aided Drafting - Even though "School Of Choice" somehow specialise in AutoCAD, but I didn't touch on that at all. Miraculously, the result turns out to be better than I thought! I scored 74 marks. B

Electronics - Pinned some of my hope on this, but rather disappointed at the end. I scored 65 marks. C+

Mechanics 1 - One big problem module, it's pure physics! My simple brain failed to solve them...I scored 40 marks. F

Engineering Mathematics 1 - Pinned MOST of my hope on this one. I was so confident! And yet, it turned out to be like this?! I scored 79 marks. B+

Tuesday, 5 January 2010



最大的问题 “归功” 于我没得选的课程,叫做电子机械工程系 (Mechatronics) 。总的来说,就是设计,然后靠电子和机械来创造出可动的机器模型。老实说,这不是我的兴趣,在我眼里是超级复杂超级难做的事。



会开始写这篇文章都要 “多谢” 这位 ITOE 老师,要不是他的一番 “教导” ,我对这课程所累积的不爽也不会因此而爆发。

我超不喜欢上这堂课,更尤其是他的课。某一天,我们这班学生照常地走进工作室继续制作我们的模型。谁都应该了解,我不喜欢这课程,还一直在范围外徘徊,做错事是必不得已。谁知,一个好的开始,其实是暴风雨来临之前的风平浪静。他狂性大发,破口大骂 : “You all are the worst class!” (你们这班是最烂的!)

让我伤心的是我连累了大家,因为我是唯一一个犯错的,那不就等于 I'm the worst of the worsts? (烂中之烂?) 他的这番话直接刺穿我的心胸,不得不让我觉得自己很糟糕,竟然可以这么地糟糕。