Friday, 11 April 2008

Our Last Sports Day

"School Of Choice" 9th annual event Sports Day were held today. Congrats to my friends who have won the race! As for me I felt really bad, I'm the one who caused my team to lost...

My class 4E3! :)

My fear in slipping during the race started long long ago, which is why I'm so damn nervous when the floor was wet and slippery! All I can say is, I let my teammates (Yikee, Shawn and Gary) down. :'(

This is the last year we'll be running together, I really hope we can win. Although we said 'never mind', but actually we do mind... :'(

It's a regret. Definitely.

"A champion is someone who gets up when he can't."

Brenda and me. Just look at my face, it's so damn red!

Lynn and me!

Angeline and Asyraf.

After the event, SQ wanted to buy some computer stuff so I followed him to Causeway Point. Just right outside the store, we saw Mr. and Mrs Tan at Crystal Jade Kitchen!

Woah woah, we're in a group of 22 people hanging around!


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