Monday, 20 June 2011

Balance Out The Imperfections

Knowing my work was wrong, I submitted it declaring "I've tried my best". Indeed, I really tried my very best ON MY OWN and "tried" not to receive help from anyone else. But what's the purpose of "I've tried my best" when in the first place I knew it was wrong?

Sometimes it's not you're not in control of certain things, you simply just couldn't help it. Too tired and can't be bothered anymore, you just wanna get this over with. I'm prepared to get low marks, I deserved it. It's totally giving up, but who cares when I'm not in the least bit interested?

Seriously, I'm not cut out for Engineering. It's giving me white hair for goodness sake! My results? A huge drop that I shouted WEEE!!! In the case my parents will be heartbroken if they ever see my results, I'm not giving them any chance for that.

This isn't what I want, but I'm way too late to do anything and way too incapable to change the facts. I can only move on.

THESE are what I want (for myself). Save $1 everyday, collecting figurines, taking photos and post them in my blog, setting goals for the future as a traveller, tidy up my workplace and my room. The materialistic joy, they're truly 'the little things that make life great'. ;)

All along I've been trying to do things perfectly so as to balance out the imperfections, all along...



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