Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Friday, 22 August 2008

A Race Against Time

I skipped school once again. I only left with one choice, which is to use as much time as possible to complete my D&T.

Yes today 5pm is the deadline, and I'm freaked out. Yesterday I tried my best to touch up, and at around 1am+ then I went to my cosy bed. Why would you torture yourself when a bed is just right beside you?

At 6am my Mom woke me up and asked me whether I want to go school or not. Of course, NOT!

I'm pretty motivated, I've never been so panic and busy in my life before! So I keep drawing, writing and printing. Anything that's related to D&T, I'm doing it.

When 5pm is getting nearer, my Journal was only 3/4 done. The Presentation Board? As black as it was before (meaning nothing is there). But what can I do? Waiting to fail? To be honest I'm having that thought every minutes every seconds.

Messing with time had terrible consequences, way too serious. I estimated my folio to be done by 4.30pm, but that wasn't the case. I realised one thing - something that seems far away wasn't so far after all, something that looks near seems further away.

I'm prepared to fail. At 4.30pm I brought everything to "School Of Choice", while along the way I'm trying to be optimistic and predicting that the deadline wasn't today.

In the end I wasted my time there, facing my D&T teacher who was apparently having a "black face". But I'm not affected at all, I've got nothing to lose anyway. I had fun in the classroom until 6pm+ when the music 'Victory' was broadcasted, reminding us it's time to leave school and go home. :)

Although my prediction was right, but in the end, I lost the race against time.

Friday, 15 August 2008

O Level English Oral

Without me realising, O Level English Oral begins.

Just how frightening was it? Those who were notified to take their Oral exam today are told to wait in the AVA Room. Well, I'm one of them. I stepped into the room, the cool air-con breeze surprisingly lessen my nervousness.

This is weird, everyone seems to be very calm and enthusiastic about Oral. Or are they just faking? Whatever, there isn't any time for me to care about the others.

I'm queued to be the fourth one. As the first person's name was being called out, I couldn't stop shaking.

The English Oral exam has officially started.

During the waiting time, Joshua probably want to change the atmosphere in the room so he acted like IV and was definitely one of my favorites. All the laughing and jokes saved my life.

One by one as they went out, the humans in the room are reducing by 2 every 10 minutes. Finally, it's my turn.

The passage looks alright. However for the picture, it's complicated. It depicts a disabled guy sitting on a wheelchair, beside him was a couple of people who seems to be volunteers. I felt like going home straightaway...

And so my 10 minutes of preparation were up, I headed straight to another room where the two invigilators are. Both of them are female.

"Once you are ready, you may begin." Commanded one of them. My tension was rising, I hope the table wasn't shaking. For the just-look-and-read passage it was marvelously done (I think so).

Next was the most hated Picture Discussion. Blabbering was the only word that I could think of to describe how I fared during this segment. Probably this is fate.

Finally the last segment, Conversation. All the practices and revision with Mrs. Tan all came in vain, maybe about 1/5 of it were used. There's no helping it, the tension easily took over my brainstorming. Even so, I've been able to talk to the invigilator like a friend. But it happened at the last 5 minutes! What a waste. ;(

After a polite replied thanks, I walked out of the room, with despair...

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

O Level Chinese Result

Right after Physics lesson, everyone rushed down to the Chemistry lab. Of course, I'm one of them. O Level Chinese results were finally released! I've waited a long time. Without a doubt, I searched for my name. I was really anxious, my result was just right in front of me!

Some of my friends were already cheering for their result, which makes my heart beat even faster. And the moment is here - I saw my name and immediately scanned it. First I saw a few numbers, which I didn't really care at all, beside them was a (1)(M). Shocked, and of course joy. I can't believe I got an A1! It was so much better than I expected! ^^

Way back in May, I attended 2 weeks of Mother Tongue intensive and have done loads of papers. I completed the actual exam in the same month, and now in August the results were out. I asked my teacher about my Composition because the way I wrote seems wrong, and she agrees with the mistake I made. I was rather disappointed with myself. In addition, my Chinese Oral demoralised me even more.

But I'm glad that now it's over, my hard work paid off. This sense of achievement really gave me a great boost to my confidence, and that I still stand a chance in performing well for my other subjects. Well, at least, for now.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Singapore Press Holdings

What a memorable day, the 8th day of the 8th month in the year 08. Anyway, I've received the notification letter from the Singapore Press Holdings regarding my prize collection.

Previously my Fountain of Wealth photo was featured in the Straits Times, thus I'll be getting a small gift from SPH. Proudly it's my first time there!

SPH wasn't far from Braddell MRT station, 10 minutes walking time at most. But the moment I reached there, I couldn't enter the premise because only the staffs could. At that point of time I thought to myself, "How to go in ah?"

I tried my luck at first, but failed. Having no intention to waste anymore time, I asked the security guard where the hell is the entrance I'm looking for. Very kindly he told me the direction. :)

Reached, I simply hand the letter over to the reception lady and she helped me. Then I took a seat in the lobby, waiting for the arrival of my prize!

I'm a Kinesthetic learner, therefore I couldn't sit still. The 3 paintings right at the back of the lobby caught my attention, probably I don't really know how to admire it so I'm not fascinated or what. Honestly speaking, it looks like a normal painting to me.

Then one of the staffs came down with a list of names (obviously the other winners as well), took me quite a while to search for my name. I signed beside my name and here comes my prize!

On my way back, I saw the famous Singapore Yellow Pages.

Exclusive SPH bag! ^^

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Motivation Workshop

Day 1

Not Adam Khoo this year, but another company called the High Achievers Training Consultancy Pte Ltd.

8.00am - 10.15am
Everyone was so enthusiastic about this Motivation Workshop. We started off at AVA room where the seats were already arranged properly for us. First impression...not bad.

Coming up next wasn't what I expected - warm-up activities. We were told to play a couple of teamwork games. Group 10, which is my group, was kinda funny - There's Jeffrey, Josh and SQ! Just couldn't stop laughing. And so game after game we earned points, but they were redundant because at the end of the day nothing is done related to the points.

10.15am - 10.45am
Break time! So I casually took some snapshots.

Have a break. Have a Kit Kat!

Isabelle sure knows how to pose at the right timing.

10-45am - 1.20pm
After the break, we continued with the activities. One such activity called the Entanglement, was pretty fun. My group only have 9 people so it's impossible for us to form a rectangle, thus completing this activity was a real challenge! We were entangled here and there, the closer we are the more difficult for us to untangled ourselves. But then we managed to complete one round.

1.20pm - 2.20pm
Break again. Duration of 1 hour, longest break time ever.

2.20pm - 6.00pm
For the next few hours they began the motivational talk. Honestly, I nearly fell asleep. Coach Barry no doubt is a good speaker, and his self-high attitude wraps the overall workshop perfectly. I understand the message he was sending, but the air-con drowsed me. Near 6pm, we played another game. Everyone had to escape the claws of the coaches by teaming up together and supporting each other. I had a cut in the process.

So the first day ended. Although I brought home huge amount of values, but among the them there wasn't a value called Motivation.

Day 2

8.00am - 10.10am
Start of the day and we're already moving our hands here and there. Big fish, small fish, big bird. Simple warm-up. Not so much activities today because it's finally time for "motivation". I listened while getting drowsier every second. Just when I'm on the verge of "collapsing", Coach Barry gave us a break. What a close shave!

10.10am - 10.45am
Break time. But the duration was too short till I don't find a point going canteen and eat.

10.45am - 1.10pm
It's a motivation-spree until they showed us a video about Jack Neo being interviewed on regarding his career as a director. Even though Jack spoke with a Singlish accent, but I still understand the message behind it.

1.10pm - 2.10pm
Hurray my break! I played PSP in the AVA room which seems to be the first meaningful thing I did today.

2.10pm - 6.00pm
The seats were arranged properly once again. Thank goodness I don't have to pit against the hard floor. Next Coach Barry wanted us to take a test and the result? I'm a right brain and an audio learner. What the hell? I think I fit more in Kinesthetic learner!

This time round I learned something new - strategies in making effective notes by ourselves. This is new, I've never make notes on my own (I always copy from my teachers), thus I paid extra attention to Coach Barry. He also wanted us to set our goals by writing down in a paper. I did set goals in the past, but as the time goes by I've forgotten all about it.

After which we engaged in another activity whereby everyone had to move around Level 4 and observe as much things as they could. I used this time to slack with my friends instead and nearly enter a girl's toilet with Shawn!

And the "motivation" went on. At the end of the workshop, some girls were...crying?! Come on, it isn't that sad!

Honestly I'm not motivated at all and is currently back to my usual self after 2 days of relaxation.

See you (no) soon High Achievers!