Thursday, 25 June 2009

At Last, The Good Old Times

Happy Birthday Jie Qi!

*LOL*! Our birthday girl having a great time with the chocolate cake...

A whole lot of people turned up! We played Dai Di, thanks Pei Qi, Josh and SQ for guiding me along during the game! :)

To be honest I didn't go there just to eat, meeting my old friends is the first priority after all!

From left to right : Asyraf, Jie Feng, Shao Qi, Mimi Marlina, Aliff and Hakim

Angeline (BF) and Me! =D

What's with my face? *lol* Haha Asy! The flashlight too strong? :) Out of the 3, WQ is the only one unaffected?!

好姐妹 - 碧碧与珍珍!

Hakim and me!

Jovi and Mimi!

Me and Mimi! Wow it rhymes. XD

Mimi! *lol*

“高嫂” 与我!

This is just so hilarious!

One thing for sure, we'll definitely meet again! ^^

Sunday, 21 June 2009

150 Years

All hail to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for reaching a legendary age of 150 years old! I'm surprised that the gardens which I seldom came to has such a long history way back of more than a century! Remarkable feat isn't it?

Anyway, I finally sorted out the photos taken during SPP Botanic Gardens event!

A steady butterfly.

Heaven is a place on Earth. I love this!


Glittering swan!

Some reflection at Swan Lake.

*LOL* at Hakim!

Huge SPP! O_O

Thanks mentor Giam and Hong Ray! :)

Friday, 19 June 2009

Miss The Old Times Of MapleStory

Just wanna share some of the screenshots I took from MapleStory recently.

Old Aqua Road vs New Login Page.

Don't be mistaken, I'm not a 'Maple freak' anymore. I login for the sake of completing my ButsyBo0m goal of 30000 fames (which is still far from target) and to also get some free in-game items...

Taurospear (ButsyBo0m) climbing up the ladder!

Taurospear (ButsyBo0m) a bully...

Taurospear (ButsyBo0m) charge!

Taurospear (ButsyBo0m) begging for mercy...

MapleSEA has changed so much. A lot. There were numerous new maps released, more weapons and stuff and countless high level maplers of course. Everywhere was flooded with level 15x and above maplers! In the past, getting to this level was so damn hard that it seems unreachable! But nonetheless, it's a great achievement! Now? Haiz...if you got enough cash to buy those 2x exp cards + the game itself has its own free exp event, I don't see any problem in reaching that high level.

Madness! GM's WA 22 BWG!

*LOL* GM's Horntail Necklace!

Seriously, I prefer the 'old' MapleSEA. I just couldn't stop playing during that time, a true Maple freak. Every weekend I wake up early 5am+ in the morning just to book a Coolie map to train, then chiong until evening!

During June holidays was even worse. Everyday I trained with my fixed party at either Sotong map or Anego Bain map for hours. I don't grow tired or sick of it, but instead I blamed the time for "flying away" too fast. Haha, I simply love those times when MapleSEA was so simple and cute, not complicated at all.

Everyone has a thinking cap, but obviously his one is a thinking bulb!

Holding his own light bulb...

Nowadays when my brother asked me to train, I replied 'no' without any hesitation. To be honest, I felt that there's too many new stuff, too much makeover, which make this game sway further and further away from its 'beginning'...

Exchange a Gold Maple Leaf and you will get...

a Under the Maple Tree Chair!

Love this awesome chair, called the Warrior Throne. :)

Me equipped with all the Maple equipments.

Maybe that's just me, others might not feel the same way as I do.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Once Again, Another Terrible Experience

I finally had a taste of a prosumer camera, it's brilliant! It depicted the sky with such clear clarity that wows me!

Melissa, Zara, Xu Qiang, Zhen Qi, Nilesh, Me, Wei Qin, Malcom, Joshua and Jacob.

I get the chance to play with it, all thanks to the CIP work (Our Nation Our World) that we're working on. The CIP location was at West Coast Park. Our task - Play games / have fun with the children from a particular organisation.

At first I'm pretty nervous about this, I've a problem when it comes to interacting with strangers. So the moment Joshua said that I've to handle one group, I immediately break out in a cold sweat! One thing for sure is that I couldn't speak up in front of so many strangers!

Oh well, there was never a choice for me to choose. So I walked towards them, and introduce myself first. Only a few replied me, the others were busy with their cheers. I think that's fine and normal until when I asked them to introduce themselves, they completely ignore me! Worse of all, not trying to be racist here, all the children were non-Chinese! They just continue with their discussion in their own language and I just stood there like an idiot! I'm the odd one out, I don't understand what the hell they're talking about. I tried to mingle with them by going along with their cheers, and honestly speaking I think I'm just an 'extra'.

Anyway, after they presented their cheers to the adults, my job is 99% done! As the age of the children ranges from 7 to 13 years old (I guessed), the games that Joshua introduced to them seems like they have played before. They gave comments like 'boring', 'play before already', 'huh?', 'can don't play?'. WTF? How the hell we carry out our CIP when the children aren't cooperative?

Finally the adults knew we couldn't handle them, so they told the children firmly on what game to play. And yes, they listened and proceed to their respective groups. What a joke.

My last 1% task - Stand on a spot (stupidly) and act as a pole indicating to the children that this is the ending point for them to dribble their ball. THAT'S IT EVERYONE! MY CIP IS DONE! ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL? I don't even need to lead any of the children in my so-called "group"!

Right after that we proceed to the playground. The children were having so much fun as compared to the games we played previously, it was like they were waiting for this moment for a very long time! In fact, we still need to play with the children in the playground, but it turns out that we're the ones that are having fun. Haha!

Singapore Polytechnic DMA/FT/1A/03!

Let me tell you something before I end this post. I met a kid who tries to low-blow and attack me! I'm glad he's willing to "interact" with me, but low-blowing seems a little not-for-kids stuff isn't it? Seriously I've to admit that children these days aren't as simple as you think. No wonder they aren't interested in 'Simon Says' anymore.

Friday, 12 June 2009

SPP FO Camp, Best Camp Ever!

SPP FO (SP Photography Freshmen Orientation) camp is one of the best camping experiences I ever had!

My group's banner - Sirius Black!

To be exact, it was my second camp in SP! About hundred or so SPPers joined the camp, it was more like an army and not a club. Haha!

A 3D2N camp, for the first day as usual it's ICEBREAKING. Yeah, I loathe this particular segment but the sad thing is its a must in any freshmen camps! At first I was thinking, hundred of people playing icebreaking together? That's totally madness and embarrassing! But luckily, the icebreaking was played within 2 groups by 2 groups.

And so the first icebreaking game we played was to remember the names of each and everyone of us, it's insanely crazy to say out their names one by one when 20 pairs of eyes were looking at me...

After we get to know each other better through all the icebreaking games, every groups have to decide on their group name through the theme 'Wanted'. My group decided on Sirius Black! Pretty cool uh? After that, we went straight to our dormitories (in fact it's classrooms).

The amazing thing was, there's no girl or boy dormitories! Which simply means, boys and girls sleep together in a room. *LOL*

Fine...fine...the camp leaders told us to virtually divide the room into half, so same gender will sleep on one side. It's safe don't worry...

After slacking around in the dorm, it's time to watch movie! The movie was 'Taken', very nice indeed! Every minute during the process of a father finding his daughter was so breathtaking and intense! The movie ended with claps from everyone! :)

Then we went for nightwalk. My partner was Amni. :) Due to a massive amount of campers, we spent more than an hour sitting down there waiting for our turn.

Anyway, the nightwalk was frigging scary! Especially the U-shaped toilet, one of the leaders was the scarer for that stage and I got scared! Damn it! This nightwalk was a particularly long one, me and Amni ventured through dark corridors, never-been-there stretches of rooms and that pathway full of club rooms which were so frigging scary without lights on.

By the time we realised, it's already 4am.

The next day we played Amazing Race, it's seriously fun! Some games that I've never played before I find it so creative and unique. :) For every stage we complete, macaronis were issued to us as the chips for the upcoming 'Auction House'.

Speaking about the 'Auction House', it's full of hoaxes and tricks. Haha! The auctioning items were placed inside a styrofoam box, the main idea was to test whether we're daring enough to bid the unknown items. Guess what? The auction items were tidbits and...POOSIANG'S LEG HAIR! (PooSiang is SPP president) Goodness grief! Congrats to the group that successfully bid the leg hair...

What do we have for the last night? DISCO NIGHT! Can you believe that? A disco in camp! These are real DJs from SP DJ club! For my entire life I've never been to any clubs, this time round I get to experience it beforehand. :)

Not to mention I danced stupidly. XD

A series of interesting events had come to an end, thanks SPP for this wonderful camp! ^^