Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Drip Drop

You know they will eventually break apart...

Hang in there!

When it seems so near and yet so far...

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

DMA Singers @ K Box

My very first K Box experience, was given by a friend of Terence. He works there, and able to give us lobang. It's a deal and a steal! XD

The pricing was a deal for such a big room that has a pool table and PS3! Kinda like a steal though.

The K Box was located all the way at Pasir Ris, Downtown East.

Almost all the songs we picked were in Mandarin, including one of my favourites 《自导自演》 by Jay Chou. A couple of songs by F.I.R. were pretty good (and hard) as well! But when we were given 4 mics, nothing seems impossible.

At first I'm rather reluctant to go for K Box because I'm worried and mostly shy, to sing in front of everybody with my terrible vocal. But after I stepped forward and began my very first song, I realised horrendous-vocal doesn't matter, because the point is to enjoy yourself and let loose the "singer" in you! *lol*

Grab a mic and sing along with the rest! ;)

Monday, 29 March 2010


Give others a chance to share your burdens, don't carry them all by yourself.

Saturday, 27 March 2010


How time flies. Just yesterday I'm still Seventeen!

I'm grateful to all who wishes me, thank you so much! :)

Ivan seems eager to taste the cake! *drooling*

My 18th birthday was celebrated earlier with my relatives last week during our stay at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore. :)

Owen, Ivan and me! It would be perfect if my brother is here too...

Ah Yi and me!

Ah Gu and me!

Thanks Ah Yi for the cake! I've forgotten the flavour...

On the actual day, just like last year I celebrated with my parents in a simpler way. My brother not around again. What's special this time is I celebrated during Earth Hour, all lights off except a solitude candle stood still, supplying us with some light! XD

According to my Papa, it's a Matcha Green Tea cake with red bean fillings from BreadTalk that's organic and healthy. It's not cheap okay, 30 bucks for the SMALLEST!

Thanks Papa and Mommy! :)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

SP 1B Semester Exam Results

Year 1 has finally come to an end.

With a goner module like Mechanics 1, I'm so worried that I'll fail and forward! :'(

The Revealing Eye In Digital Photography (GEM) : B+
Engineering Mathematics 1 : B+
Introduction To Engineering : B+
Innovation, Design & Enterprise In Action : B
Electronics : C+
Computer-Aided Drafting : C+
Oral Communication : C+
Mechanics 1 (DAMN THIS) : D+

GPA : 2.708

Fortunately, I survived this Mechanics ordeal (although I failed its mid-semester test TWICE, and scored an EGG for its quiz! =.=|||). Before that I'm seriously prepared to accept whatever grade it gave me...

It's amazing how helpless one can be during an exam. For the mechanics of CAD, I couldn't even get the hang of it in the first place, much to say draw the required figure specified in the exam question?! Of course, it's definitely unbecoming of a student to hand in 'Blank Paper', the least I can do is to draw something "presentable". In other words, I'm done for. :'(

Sadly for this semester my GPA dropped! A 0.084 difference from the previous 1A Semester Exam Results.

One thing that I'm disappointed with is my GEM. It's the easiest of all to get an A or Dist, but I got a B+ instead! :'(

All the worries will come back as soon as Year 2 begins, major players like Mechanics 2 and CAD awaits me... :'(

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

3 days ago, I went to the newly opened Hard Rock Hotel Singapore with my relatives!

It's an experience that I mustn't miss and also a great learning opportunity for my DSLR! I sort of became a "representative" of my family, because my parents were working and brother had to go to school.

Ah Yi booked a taxi and we set off to Vivo City. The taxi driver, a pretty old uncle, spoke in fluent English and talked about gambling and suicides and his life experiences, his lengthy speech was a bit too much! I just keep nodding my head...

Finally we reached and my ears instantly settled down. I had my first meal of the day at a Nyonya restaurant, spicy food that suits my taste! I'm totally in love with their Otah. :)

Ah Gu drove us into Sentosa, the parking fees was damn expensive! First hour $6, and the continuing is $2/hr! They really know where to "suck blood" from consumers...

Anyway, we made our way to the lobby. As mentioned it's Hard Rock, you're bound to hear their rock music in the hotel itself! Inside the lobby, there's a bar right in the middle and of course a shop selling Hard Rock merchandises! Hard Rock Hotel Singapore is separated from the other hotels nearby, a distance away from the Casino and branded shops. Thus normally you don't see crowds, which is preferably for peace-loving guests.

It's a new hotel, so perhaps that's why some problems occurred. We're expected to check in at 3pm, but ended up waiting for half an hour.

Owen and Ivan!

So finally we were given room #440, and another problem arise. There was already someone in there! Without knowing at first, we opened the door and the tenant was like so angry and shocked that we've access to their room! She said luckily she's in there, if not we can steal their stuff or something...

We're being wronged and yet there's nothing we can do but to apologise. In the end, our room was one floor higher at #540. The manager apologised and well, forgive and forget then...

Upon entering, I'm in awe by the ambient lighting and decorations in the room, it felt so relaxing! For your info, both of the rooms are connected.

Appreciate the way they sort the necessities creatively based on Hard Rock!

A convenient digital weighing scale in the bathroom.

Ah Ma cutting pears for everyone. :)


Ah Gu and Ivan!

Spectacular! Got the postcard-feel. *lol*

I really enjoyed being here, thanks Ah Yi and everyone for everything! ^^

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Universal Studios Singapore Soft Opening

Thanks to Ah Yi, we get to visit and stay in Hard Rock Hotel! And now, we're lucky enough to visit Universal Studios Singapore (USS)!

It was hard to believe a proper theme park is here in Singapore. Escape Theme Park? Heard of it, but I never thought of going there at all.

Not a frequent news reader, the soft opening of USS was actually brought up by Ah Yi. So yeah, only for today it's open to the public for free! *excited*

Since we're already there for the hotel stay, how could we miss out such a golden opportunity? LET'S GO!

Under the globe, the world, I'm just a tiny being.

Heck, just when I was deeply attracted by Woody a long queue was formed. We came pretty early so the long queue was actually behind us. *lol*

Yup we're in! Stepped into the first zone, Hollywood. I believe the structures and buildings here are Hollywood-style?

WAHHH! Terrifying pair of dueling roller coaster aka Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon!

Ah Ma and Ah Yi. ;)

Considering this burger able to feed 2 mouths, the pricing should be okay...

Towards the front is New York zone. access ends here! We are restricted from going any further. To the right is New York, to the left is Madagascar.

This Monster Rock definitely caught my attention. O_O

The finale of their soft opening - fireworks! Patiently waited for an hour, in exchange for a 4 mins and 30 secs of fireworks. Hmm...


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