Thursday, 31 July 2008

My D&T Product

My product, or rather junk, was completed finally.

I took real long to fabricate this piece junk, it's simple and yet I spent like months to finish it. This product has tons of flaws which I just can't be bothered to improve on it anymore, because I've given up hope in getting good grades from it. I'll just focus more on my Journal and Presentation Board.

This was part of my product in the first place. But after my teacher "brainwashed" me, I changed the outlook and the function of it. Anyway it looks kinda shit to me also.

TA-DA! The "improved" version. Honestly it's much better than the previous one but sadly, it still falls under my shit category. This is Combination Part Number 1.

I love wood. It's much more convenient to use as compared to acrylic. Do you know that I bend that acrylic strip for umpteen times and yet still fail? I keep bending till I really flared up so I used back the original one (it's damaged but I don't care anymore). This is Combination Part Number 2.

Hey wait wait, don't be mistaken please. This mug wasn't made by me. Don't ask me where I got it because I'm going to send this for my O level D&T, and I might not get it back (so basically this is the last photo of it, thus very very precious). Never mind, take it as a sacrifice in exchange for my pathetic marks. This is Combination Part Number 3.

When the 3 Combination Parts come together, they formed a nicely done junk. How it works? It's a mug holder with a cookie/sweets dome-shaped container, which easily adds extra burden to the user. Great idea I came up with.

You know where this is? In the "School Of Choice" of course. My junk is so well kept and protected in this room with its two "hard-steel walls", nobody can break in and steal my product!

But then...who wanna steal it anyway?

Monday, 28 July 2008

1st Photo Featured

Something unexpected happened. The photo that I took at while on a trip to World Book Fair was featured in today's Straits Times IN Section!

That's my name! ^^

I'm quite surprised to be honest, because the photo was sent weeks ago so I didn't really look forward in getting chosen.

Upon hearing the news and spread across the entire class, questions like "Any prize? Any prize?" from my classmates started to form around me. I was dazed and slightly embarrassed as I don't know how to answer them...

Even if there is, the prize wasn't the reason why I sent in my entry. It's just a matter of interest and curiosity.

I took the IN section back home and looked at the photo, something seems to be lacking in it. The title I put was "Fountain Of Wealth", and as you know a fountain should have streams water pouring down! Yes that's the problem.

Looks like I still have a lot more to learn.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Ice And Water

I almost forget there's a game called Ice and Water.

The last time I played this game was back in Primary School, and didn't had much impression.

I always love to play chasing games in big places like the school, where you can have fun with your friends and sweating along the way. One of the perks is you never know what you're going to find during your hiding time.

Today in school was kinda different. As it was raining heavily, so a group of us stayed and started playing Ice and Water. I finished 2 rounds and was sweating all over.

Ice and Water is a game when the more people play, the more exciting it is.

During the first round, I was jammed by MH and Jovi. It's all because I wanted to save my friends but instead I offered myself to them (they were 'Ice'). I remembered during the second round, I'm the 'Water' and thus have to run and hide. I immediately ran to the outside of the PA system room and stand behind the wall.

I'm quite sure no one will notice that place because it's quite deserted. I waited for quite some time and nobody come at all, so I turned my attention to my handphone. During that period of time, I saw MH and IV got caught. No comments...

At long last an 'Ice' came beside me, then I act as if he's transparent and continued with my phone. Probably he thought I was "frozen" as I stood there like a stuck pig, because he didn't "freeze" me but walked away. *phew* Stay calm and everything will be fine. :)

But damn, Joshua saw me! I can no longer stay there so I head over to the Art Room's staircase and ran down to the almost 1st floor, and sat there panting. Escaped once again, I'm kinda rejoice with my escaping skills.

In the end the 'Ice' won 2 rounds, and of course the 'Water' lost the game because there isn't any time limit!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

遗失身份征 = 不必要的麻烦

不知何故,我似乎当了一天的 “无身份人” 。就在我考完 ‘O’ 水准听力考试之后,我完全忘了身份证这么重要的文件。





说真的,在找到身份证之前,我觉得没必要多说话,心想自己闯下的祸所造成的严重后果就已经够头痛了。找不找得回,就在这一线之差。如果找得到,那当然是最好,但如果找不到呢?除了损失 $100 ,我会加重父母的负当,也会为他们增添不必要的麻烦。




Monday, 14 July 2008


Recently, my form teacher informed us about writing our own testimonial.

Just like any other testimonial in the past, it's a certificate written by teachers according to our achievements, CCA, CIP and so on. A student with lots of achievements, of course, will have a long list in his testimonial.

But what if he doesn't? Thanks to this system, I realised I should've participated more school events in the past. But I couldn't change any facts now.

My records? Detentions more than 20, done in-house suspension and the norm - skipping CCA.

It sucks, really. I feel that my future in Singapore will be bound by this pest. You know why is it called pest? Pest can't go extinct and it's basically everywhere. Worse, it follows you.

I managed to squeeze out a few for my testimonial. If without the Sports Day category, my achievements will not even reached half an A4-size paper. Many of my friends had participate some CIP programmes in which I don't, and that's where I lose out. Perhaps they participate for the sake of the points? Or are they really interested in it? What I want to bring across is that this whole CIP programmes had already lost the values in it. Shouldn't you be interested in the first place before participating?

But there's definitely no harm in doing it, so why not? Hopefully for the part whereby my teacher will be writing about my attitude towards learning can recover my losses. Just to tell you, the teacher's level of understanding towards their students is extremely vital for this part.

Although "School Of Choice" is our "second" home, but in actual fact it only fits certain residents. Teachers are humans as well, so they're likely to have their own way of favoritism towards a "special" group of students apart from the rest. This cycle is continuous, it never stops. Under such circumstances, can we still say our teachers really understand us? It's even worse now that my Sec 1 and Sec 2 form teachers had left "School Of Choice".

Everything just seems so fake.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

O Level Chinese Oral Exam

"Nowadays, why so many students went to Polytechnic and not Junior College instead?" (为何现今学生选择去理工学院而不是初级学院?) That's my topic for today. Quite simple right? You may think it's a piece of cake, but think again, is it that easy to brainstorm the answers when there are 2 pair of eyes looking straight at you? My "slow-thinking" brain made it worse, chances that I sort my answers in a proper manner were kinda slim...

And so the invigilators asked about my view. At first I started to talk human-like, but it seems like that didn't last very long.

Just one minute after speaking my views, I'm stuck. I kept mum and began brainstorming. There's one problem, I was looking at the male invigilator and he staring at me with no expression! How awkward!

The ordeal lasted 6 minutes and I'm out of the game. I'm not really sure how well I did, but the male invigilator asked me 2 questions and I answered pretty short and simple.

As I was the second person to take the examination, and thus released earlier than the others but was told to stay probation until 3pm. In the meantime I chatted with Carol the first person, and I realised I missed one very important point that might be able to turn the tide...

During my D&T Intensive, I was busy asking those who have finished the oral "How many questions did the invigilators asked you?" instead of putting my mind into doing my product.

Shocked and worried, all I get was "one question". But I was asked two instead?!? Does it mean that my contents were insufficient? ;(


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