Thursday, 27 March 2008


Today I had my NAPFA Test. The good news is, I finally passed my Standing Broad Jump with 220cm! Thinking back, last year my 203cm was darn right pathetic...

At the Chin-up station, groups of Sec 3 and Sec 4 students were directly watching how we struggled on the pole...damn! What pissed me off though, was the teacher-in-charge of that station. Wish he wasn't there, probably I can do more.

Anyway, guess what? Today's my Birthday! :)

Perhaps that's why I've all the luck and strength I need for the test, it's a blessing. XD

Saturday, 22 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 8

Recently I attended a D&T course.

It's all for the sake of my Presentation Board. Although this course was paid through Edusave, but I think $65 was a pretty hefty sum for such a course. In other words, it's NOT WORTH the money at all.

The course was held for 4 sessions, and I only attended 2 of it. One out of the two didn't even exceed 15 minutes. Pathetic? You may say so.

First session was by "forced" as *Mdm Sand "confidently" ensures me "why not go now? Not many people over there!". Well I listened to her, but what I got in return? 10 more people came in. Including the 5 people already inside the room, that would be a total of 15 people? See ya then.

Session 2 was alright, the trainer kindly helped me and drew my product. That's the last time I ever talked to him. $65? You got to be kidding me! The room was so cramped with 1 pathetic trainer entertaining countless of students. Unless the trainer is Superman, there's no way he can handle everyone within 3 hours!

I've to move forward somehow. So the next few days I was busy increasing the number of pages for my D&T Journal.

To be honest, my Journal is 3/4 done without *Mdm Sand help. She just can't be trusted most of the time. The D&T Head of Department (HOD) Mr. Tan, advised his Class 4E2 on which part to elaborate for their Journal. Whereas my dear *Mdm Sand, I've to ask her personally for questions. If not, I bet she would still hang around chit-chatting with the girls.

Whatever, she's not the only D&T teacher around anyway.

Friday, 21 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 7

Aren't teachers supposed to lend us a helping hand? Or at least give us a bit of guidance?

However, I encountered a case today which proved this statement wrong. As the deadline is near, I need to hand in my product as soon as possible. But because I listened to my D&T teacher *Mdm Sand, my product is by far the "perfect junk". I saw away the unwanted parts and realised the cut-away area was flawed.

I told *Mdm Sand about this. Here goes the conversation :

Me : "Teacher, look at this part. How to solve this problem?"

*Mdm Sand : "How it become like this?" (Usually she will ask first)

Me : "Erm...I cut the bended part away and it turned out like this."

*Mdm Sand : "Leave it like this." (She said it with a grumpy face and a can't-be-bothered tone)

Me : "Like this can meh?"

*Mdm Sand : "Of course cannot." (She laughed slightly upon finishing her statement)

Did you see that? It was so obvious that she can't be bothered to help me. At that point of time, I lost hope on her.

*Mdm Sand is NOT dependable. The only people I can depend on are my friends and myself. She did give me telling me to make a new one. For the next one hour, I managed to make a new one with the help of my friends! Sadly, the finished product wasn't as good as the first.

I can't stand *Mdm Sand when she looked at me with that detestable expression. ARGH!

Seriously, I don't enjoy doing D&T in "School Of Choice" AT ALL!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 6

If time ever reverse, I'll never choose D&T.

We create our own product for D&T was solely for our exams. The product, must be of some use towards the users. But most importantly of all, the product itself exists to reduce the burden of the user, and NOT to add on some more.

My D&T teacher emphasised greatly on this part. Yet, she indirectly went back on what she said.

Due to my incapability in bending one part of my product, I asked for her help. So she bend, which I think it was pretty well done. But after she tried putting it on my product, the effect wasn't what I expected.

Obviously that was a mistake, because the bended part didn't fit nicely according to the size of my junk. She knew she made a mistake. But she simply ignored the mistake and "kindly" insist me to accept it! My original plan was totally different from what she did. The way she looked at me and I knew it.

There goes everything. My already-a-burden junk is now officially a piece of crap that's worse than any junk. How on earth is this shit able to reduce the burden of the user? I believe it's already considered a feat if it can stop being a burden to the user. Seriously, I shouldn't have listened to her in the first place! Some of my friends have already finished theirs. They were kinda lucky because they received ample help from my D&T teacher. For those unlucky ones, just depend on yourself because she will only create new problems for you. Once you listened = GOOD GAME.

Here I am, already accepted her idea. I'm in a lost now. Will my decision guide me towards success? I don't think so at all.

I agreed with one of my teachers, she said that "the difference between a good school and an average school are the students, and of course the teachers too". Doesn't it sound so true?

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 5

"Ya, can can."

This was the reply I got from my D&T teacher when I showed her some of the drawings (which I did my best to draw) regarding the product I'm going to make. That was before the Mid-Year exams.

Today, it was intensive D&T. I showed her the idea I've drawn (which is exactly the same one) and you know what "advice" she gave me? "The mug holder is bulky." "Why the user cannot take from this handle but the other?" and few others.

Therefore, I need to redo and change some parts of my product. Yes, I can't deny the fact that I haven't even start fabricating my product, but changing it really pisses me off. I was stunned. I've no idea where to begin. The moment I made mistake, I've to redo again!

For goodness sake that's a waste of time! Do you know when you put in the effort to complete one thing and someone said "No! Not like this!", wouldn't you feel so unappreciated?

But seriously I must congratulate my friends who have been "approved" and already started doing. Now I understand why D&T passing rates are dropping. It's understandable that with so many students and "this kind" of teachers, it was rather difficult for them to focus on everyone. Maybe I'm already wrong in the first place, but I'll bear with it and focus on my D&T O Levels.


Monday, 17 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 4

Every morning, we had our assembly. As usual, whenever someone from the "higher-ups" picked up the mic to talk, we need to greet them. Me (or everybody) greeted them in a pretty dead tone, like I care! Oh well, I've never treated the "higher-ups" alive in the first place. Then this corrupted, crappy Discipline Master (DM) *Mr. UN-Justice start "acting all big".

After our greetings, he said "I can only hear the Sec 1, 2 and 3, what about the Sec 4 and 5? Everyone be seated except for the Sec 4 and 5." It's pretty normal because this wasn't the first time, and I quite agreed with him.

Next of course, he wanted us to greet again. This time round, I heard it CRYSTAL CLEAR. What pissed me and others off was *Mr. UN-Justice said that only the 4NT students may sit. At that point of time I was like what the fuck?! Are you fucking kidding me?! This is so damn obvious he's being biased!

I can understand that he is a DM, who holds so much power that we students had no choice but to listen to him and his craps. We students are just small little pawns.

Seriously speaking, he's not the only one who kept on doing all this pointless stuff. I've to point out this one particular PATHETIC LACKEY TEACHER. She thinks she's a DM as well (but sadly she's not), "acting all big" and imitating *Mr. UN-Justice.

Hey bitch, do you know the way you talk was unbearable? Who do you think you are? All along you have been crapping and made a fool out of yourself. Please, change your attitude first or else no one will ever going to listen to you! A piece of advice here, STOP BOOTLICKING.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 3

I was on cloud nine when I'm graded C6 for my CCA.

You must be wondering, what's the big deal about a mere C6 grade? You just barely passed! I've to tell you, IT IS a big deal! As I mentioned before, I became a regular "skipper" for my CCA since Sec 2, so I'm pretty confident in failing my CCA.

But miracle do happens. Getting a C6 grade means I've passed my CCA! But most importantly, a graded C6 is equivalent to a bonus point of 1! That will definitely be a great help to my O Levels overall score.

However, bad luck befalls. As I had PE today, *Miss Tar started telling us about the CCA slip. And omgwtfbbq, she wants to see me? What I'm afraid of has come true.

I didn't attend any of this year CCA, which simply means the points from Sec 1 onwards are annulled. By "default" I should be getting a D7 grade, but because of her baseless typo error or whatever reasons she can bullshitted out, I received a C6 grade instead.

There are a total of 3 persons who changed my grade AND my future.

First of all, *Miss Tar of course. The so-called "government cert" was so important to us students, and yet she made a "typo error"? Is this serious business like a joke to her? I don't see any repent on her face, all she wanted is to let me sign on the D7 slip and that's it. Once you signed, it means you agreed to the amendments made. By asking me what reasons for not attending CCA at this point of time really going to change the situation? Does it matter anymore?

Secondly, *Sissy. How *Miss Tar realised her "error" was all because of him. What a "big-mouth". If he just keep his mouth shut, she will never know. By saying sorry is enough? Hey buddy, we're talking about a person's future here! Oh by the way, he was graded D7 too. But his studies were so good! He doesn't need CCA point as much as I do! Why dragged me down with you?

Lastly, ME. I'm partly to blame as well for not attending CCA, for telling *Sissy about my C6 grade. I should've waited until I've received all my certificates!

There's nothing I can do about it, I'm reaping what I sowed.

Friday, 14 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 2

CCA, also known as Co-Curriculum Activities, is compulsory for every students.

I started engaging in sports when I was in Primary 5. Since I've never trained in Basketball before, I chose "School Of Choice" as my 1st choice, mainly because their basketball's standard are pretty good, since they got into North Zone top 4 every year.

The requirement score for "School Of Choice" Express stream was 189. I got in with my aggregate score of 204. Thankfully, there were 2 others in my class who are also interested in joining Basketball.

Getting into North Zone top 4 was no laughing matter. The trainings were freaking tough, lots of people quit after a few sessions. I stayed on, and so do my 2 other friends.

My attendance was regular throughout the first year, I even got into the school team! I'm really happy, the experience was great! Teamwork, Friendships and not forgetting Hardships!

As time passes by, I grew bored of this CCA. Perhaps I'm not dedicated enough, I started skipping trainings in Sec 2.

Sec 1 - 97%
Sec 2 - 63%
Sec 3 - 52%
Sec 4 - 0%

Mr. Ben, my CCA teacher-in-charge at that time (he had already left "School Of Choice") "chased" me whenever I skipped, because CCA attendance contributes to CCA points (which is very very important!).

The reason why I keep skipping was I loathe the people in the team. I felt so uncomfortable with them. They look down on you when your skills are inferior to them.

I struggled, but managed to survive till Sec 4. During this period of time, there was a change in my CCA teacher-in-charge : *Mr. Talkcock and *Mr. Ball. They sucks. The sight of them turns me off.

Once in a while I will (unwillingly) go for the training. Why am I forcing myself to stick with the people that doesn't matter to me anymore? All I want is an enjoyable school life!

Then happens one thing which I will never ever forget. I went to one of the trainings during Sec 4, the coach told us to do Layups. Pretty easy uh? But as you know my skills have gone rusty for months, so I was kinda stupid when handling the ball. "Go train your Layups before you learn other skills, even your bouncing got problems." One of the seniors made a remark in a sarcastic way. That tone of his, ***k!

At that point of time, I've given up hope in this CCA.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

"School Of Choice" Chapter 1

I simply don't understand "School Of Choice".

During my Sec 1 and 2, I always believe "School Of Choice" is the best in the neighborhood. During this 2 years it was my most glorious and happiest time spent there. But as I move on to Sec 3, the joyous moments seem to crumble and gone. One by one the best teachers left "School Of Choice", leaving behind a few capable ones to "save" it.

True enough, I couldn't find the same "joyous moments" again. Teachers that once taught me before in my lower sec have changed and became irresponsible, biased and all sort of qualities that a teacher shouldn't have.

Here's an example : *Miss Kanasai was considered as one of the best teachers around during the time when I was in Sec 1, whereby she taught me Math and I felt really enthusiastic going for her lessons. My Math was really good, and I proved myself by getting A1 grades most of the time. She gave me a nickname by calling me Mr. Choy, joking around as though I'm also a Math teacher. I'm okay with that.

Over the next 3 years she continue teaching me. But all of a sudden I don't seem to be able to keep up, resulting in my Math grades dropping. I don't understand, those who are good in Math deproved whereas those who are bad in Math improved and gotten high marks!

This is when things started turning nasty. *Miss Kanasai began to be biased, she turned to the better students instead. You know what she said to me in front of the whole class? I cannot be called as Mr. Choy anymore! All because my Math wasn't as good as before. That was so hurting! :'(

I'm in Sec 4 now, I understood every single thing. Especially for E-Math, my class was divided into Band 1 and Band 2. Band 1 is for "potential" grade A1 students, taught by *Miss Kanasai. Ironically, for someone who aren't fit to be called as Mr. Choy anymore met the requirements and sorted into Band 1!

One of my friends *Ganny didn't do his homework but his E-Math was kinda good, just that he's lazy. *Miss Kanasai kept on reminding him that he's slowing the class down and wanted to transfer him to Band 2!

What?! I can't be in my good mood anymore after hearing all her craps. *Miss Kanasai fancied the girls and picked on the guys, all because the girls are much more hardworking than us, and their grades are better than us. If that's not bias, then what is?

On that day I felt like crying. Really.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

First Post - The Beginning

Hello everybody!

Thanks a lot to Angeline, my personal blog is finally up and going! :)

Our 1st 2E2 gathering at TimeZone, Causeway Point.

Today it was the heaviest rain I've ever seen in Singapore. Rainy weather normally gave me the urge to fall asleep, but I mustn't miss our 2nd 2E2 class gathering! :)

It was a fun gathering on the whole. We hanged around, chatted and laughed as though we were in school! XD


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